10 Minimalist Kitchens That Will Leave You Swooning

I’m a huge fan of minimalist design. I find that it creates a sense of lightness and peace. When I first decided to redecorate and paint my place (which is still a work in progress!), I knew I wanted to create a home that embodied the definition of minimalism- developing a space that only contained the things that truly make me happy and enrich my life. Right now, I’m working on bringing that same aesthetic to my kitchen. Below, I’ve found 10 kitchens that embody all of my minimalist kitchen goals!

1. I can’t get enough of the white subway tile wall, with the dangling black string lights and weathered black cabinets. (Source: HomEdit)

2. The gold chandeliers and the gold cabinet handles pair perfectly with the colorful rug, giving this minimalist kitchen a bohemian twist. (Source: Loombrand)

3. This tiny home kitchen and loft bed are the definition of making the most of your space. (Source: Sustainable Simplicity)

4. This predominately black and marble kitchen shows that minimalism isn’t about the brightness or lightness of the color used. (Source: Inside Out)

5. The high ceilings and overhead string lighting add such a nice touch to this beautiful kitchen. Although the table doesn’t appear to be too large, it comfortably seats 8.  (Source: Nordic Design)

6. The wooden paneling with the two wooden stools, adds a nice touch to this large, bright kitchen. (Source: Mr. And Mrs. Interior)

7. This minimalist kitchen makes a statement with the robust pop of color on the wall. The black and white art stands out against the sea foam background. (Source: Tumblr)

8. The black cabinets really bring the whole kitchen together in this Copenhagen home. (Source: Nordic Design)

9. This tiny kitchen holds just the necessities and looks good while doing so. (Source: Archilovers)

10. I love the use of gold and grey in this minimalist kitchen. The gold light orbs and handles with the grey cabinets give it a touch of modernity. (Source: Homebunch)



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