Written by Malyka Cardwell, MFT.

Originally published on Philadelphia MFT.

Have you ever found yourself wishing for more hours in a day? Are you having a hard time leaving your work in the office or leaving your home for work? Do your loved ones feel that your profession takes precedence over them?

If any of these struggles resonate, you are most likely having a hard time maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Figuring out the proper balance to keep your professional life intact and your social support system happy can be a daunting task. Here are few tips to help better achieve the balance between work life and personal time:

1. Learn the importance of saying “no”.You are not going to be able to do everything and you should not feel pressured to do so. Sometimes it is important to limit your interactions. Do not feel guilty because you missed a social outing or could only work four days of overtime instead of your usual five.

2. Get active. Incorporate a little exercise into your routine and watch how your energy throughout the day increases.

3. Start small. It’s unrealistic to try and make huge changes to your schedule. Take it slow at first and expand after you have effectively incorporated the small changes. If your ultimate goal is to eat dinner with your family every night, start by picking one to two days out of the week to leave the office early.

4. Do not forget about your own needs. Do not get so caught up in pleasing your job and your friends and family that you forget to cater to your own needs. If you are not your best self, you cannot give anything substantial to anyone else.

5. Balance your schedule. It is easier to enact a work-life balance if you can see how it would look. Schedule your professional meetings and also personal outings. Make sure to include activities that you genuinely enjoy.

Finding a workable balance between a career and a social life is difficult for most people. If your lack of balance is affecting your job performance, your relationships, or yourself; it may be time to seek outside help. The therapists at Philadelphia MFT are skilled in helping people work through these feelings, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Annie Bean

    Needed this post today. Feel so up to my eyeballs recently. Some good tips.

  • Chloe Griffiths

    such helpful tips I’m going to take a few on xo

  • These sound like very helpful tips, for me most important is balancing my schedule.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Honestly I thought I had learnt to say no a while back but it seems I need to work on this in my work life too as I keep taking on too much.

  • Always Carry On.

    I like to read with a good book, or have a long hot bath to help me unwind and reflect on what’s been happening – having some time alone really helps x

  • Great tips here, I really need to learn to say no more often! x

  • To help balance me I run, it helps to clear my mind and focus on what needs to get done, but I do need to start taking care of me first, sometimes I neglect me. Thanks for sharing these tips

  • Great tips here. I need to spend more time taking care of me.

  • Hollie Burgess

    I need to take some of these on board! Great tips. x

  • I’m currently doing most of these I have had a few medical issues and for me to make sure they don’t get worse I need to focus more on me which is easier said then done when you have a 4 year old and a baby but it is all about the small steps x

  • Jenna E Morley

    It can be so difficult to maintain a good balance at times, these are great tips

  • shoshana sue

    I was just reading yesterday on something that was talking about something similar to this. Yes, sometimes you just have to learn to say no without explaining yourself. I am learning to do this and others take as being rude but I have to put myself first and that come with declining a lot of things.

  • I think we all need to be a little selfish sometimes and make sure that we’re doing things for us x

  • Donna

    Tips we all need for sure! I am so guilty of trying to go in too big and ending up in a fluster! Great advice x

  • Yesss this is so important! I hate feeling overwhelmed. Balance is everything! <3

  • I always find it hard to find balance and always end up overworking myself. I need to slow down a bit x

  • Im the type of person who hates saying no, so I just keep on going knowing that I shouldn’t. Im really going to try and implement some of these and make sure I concentrate on me as well as everyone else x

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