I’ve been in love with gold since my Jamaican grandmother gifted me my first gold necklace at the age of 6. She has been donning gold all her life and wanted to pass on the tradition. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with gold- gold jewelry, mirrors, tables, notebooks, furniture. GOLD EVERYTHING. Gold adds a touch of elegance and luxury to even the most mundane objects.

I bought gold spray paint recently to spruce up my terra-cotta flower pots and it added such a touch of pizazz to my place, that’ll I’ll be sharing a tutorial of it soon! In the meantime, I’ve found some of the best gold furnishings and accents for your home that the internet has to offer. Check them out below!

Coasters by Elizabeth Walz

Kylie Bar Chair by Statements by J

Gold Mulbery Lounger on FreshDesignBlog

The Avery Coffee Table from West Elm

Art featured on Demotivateur

Brass Grasshopper Floor Lamp by Photonic Studio



  • Love this too! Gold can really give a space a lovely accent.

  • absolutely love some of these pieces. I’ve never been a fan of gold but recently i just love it, especially when teamed with a rose kind of shade <3

  • I’m literally in love with every piece you’ve picked out!! Now to just get it all 😉

  • Laura

    Its literally like this post was made for me. I adore accents of gold in the home and prefer champagne or brushed gold styles xxx

    • I’m glad you found it helpful Laura!

  • Baby Isabella

    Love your suggestions and they aren’t glaringly obvious which is nice. Subtle splashes of gold 🙂

  • Ah i love it all! That chair is incredible! xo

    • Thanks for commenting Rachel!

  • Sarahjane

    I love those chairs! Definitely think a touch of gold can really brighten a room

  • I am a huge fan of just a tad of gold on something, like little accent’s on furniture etc.

    • I totally agree with you on little accents!

  • You can’t beat a bit of gold! My favourite has to be Gold Mulberry Lounger; the design is just fabulous! x

    • I love the design of it too!

  • Mummygadgetgeek

    That lounger looks great, if I had the house for it that’s what I’d go for!

  • lianne

    I love copper and marble!! I’d love to have some of those bits in my house!

  • Oh wow! totaly adore the chair! Would love to have a pair like this… just stunning!

  • That coffee table is amazing. I have been slowly making changes in my flat and I am going for rose gold in my living room and gold in my bedroom so plenty of great picks here x

    • Glad you found it helpful Rhian!

  • These are all lovely. I love adding metallics into my home.

  • The Stylish Trotter

    This post changed my life! I am obsessed with gold and I got inspired by this post! I want that poster like yesterday!

    • Glad you found it helpful!

  • I need those posters ASAP! Thank you for this post – Im headed into moving into my new place tomorrow!

    • Glad it came at the right time!

  • Wow all of those pieces are amazing. Love the Kylie chair!

  • They all look beautiful but my favourite is the coasters and the Kylie chair. They look gorgeous xx

    • Thanks for commenting Ana!

  • In loooooove with the art piece! It’s amazing. I can’t wait to see your tutorial. There are so many DIY tutorials I want to try!

    • Glad you love the art piece!

  • shreya de

    Each and every piece is amazing!!! In love with all your suggestions especially those chairs.

    • I’m glad you like the chairs Shreya!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Great suggestions. We are looking for a floor lamp like that to add more light for our piano I will have to check out the site you mentioned.

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I really like some of the items here, gold can be such a great color x

  • So i need all of these, especially the Gold Mulbery Lounge. That was just beautiful and now holds a place in my heart

    • Thanks for commenting Jessi!

  • Oh my God, this post is right up my street! Obsessed with the artwork and that lamp is just bang on! I need them!

    • Thanks for commenting Luke!

  • Ola Broom

    I LOVE that print above the bed! And I can’t wait for the tutorial on the gold spray painted terra cotta pots.

  • oh I just love that map – I have just done the teens room grey and white but we are thinking of adding some gold in there to break it up a little

    • Oh gold would be perfect with grey and white Emma!

  • Breena Blake

    I LOVE GOLD TOO!! it’s such a beautiful color and makes the dullest objets look cool and expensive!

  • You have featured some very pretty pieces here. I really like the coasters and the floor lamp.

    • Thanks for commenting Sarah!

  • Deimarys

    You just made me want to change everything to gold!!!

  • Penny Aylwin

    So pretty! I love the floorlamp a lot, especially that the gold is so delicate

    • Glad you love the lamp Penny!

  • How gorgeous! I like it too. I especially like that lounger. The coasters are pretty as well.

    • Thanks for commenting Amber!

  • Nichole Freeman

    I love the gold accents. It is very beautiful in every location.

    • Thanks for commenting Nichole!

  • I’m completely gold obsessed and love the coasters! x

    • I love the coasters too Stephanie!

  • I absolutely LOVE the pieces you selected! I think you used gold in a bold but very tasteful way! Gold can easily be over done I think but you captured the true essence of beauty and extravagance with class! Those chairs are GORGEOUS and I am totally loving those coasters! Our coffee table is a white marble top with grey marbling just like the coasters! They would match perfectly and bring a little splash of gold into our living room 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Joely!

  • M. williams

    Seems like gold is on trend this season. I love gold as a neutral and simple accent. Those marble and gold coasters look beautiful, I need to get a few!

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    Love all things gold. I need the coasters and chair. They would be perfect for my home.

    • The coasters are so cute!

  • Meenal Ranka

    I too love gold. And these stuffs are just amazing.

  • Jodie Whitham

    Wow i love most of these! I like the art, coasters and lounger most though x

    • Yes the coasters are my favorite for sure!

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