By Lindsay Shoemake

By Lindsay Shoemake

Get Caffeinated: That Working Girl Shares The Best Coffee Shops in ATL!

Written by Lindsay Shoemake

This post was originally published on That Working Girl Blog.

As a Working Girl who’s fairly new to the workforce, I’ve had my fair share of early mornings that start very, very slowly – that is, until my coffee kicks in. A longtime coffee lover (and aficionado, if I must say so myself), the moment I moved to Atlanta I knew that I needed to find a go-to coffee spot, pronto. Although I love Starbucks as much as the average schmo, I’d much rather buy local. After a little exploring and a lot of sipping, I’ve got the complete rundown of my favorite Atlanta coffee shops, complete with snarky commentary and honest opinions of each.

Hold on – it’s about to get real caffeinated up in here.


Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party
Candler Park


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I may or may not be sitting in the window of Dr. Bombay’s as I type this…oh, let’s not kid ourselves – I am. Located in the heart of Candler Park, Dr. Bombay’s is the first local Atlanta coffee shop that I ever visited, and it stuck. Staffed with friendly and helpful baristas, every visit over the last couple of years has been a pleasant one. Not only doesn’t this quaint coffeeshop offer a wide array of delicious coffees, teas and scones, but they also offer books – and by the boatload. You won’t be able to see an inch of the walls in Dr. Bombay’s, not even if you try. The shelved walls are loaded down with used paperbacks, which can be yours for a mere 50 cents. Pocketchange for a paperback? Yes, please.

Pros: Free wifi, breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, new books for you to adopt.
Cons: The in-house piano can only be played by appointment. When my inner Billy Joel wants to come out, he wants to come out HARD, so I don’t know how I feel about this.

Condesa Coffee
Old Fourth Ward

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I first discovered Condesa while trying to battle nerves before a job interview. Personally, I squelch any butterflies with coffee, so I gulped an Americano just in time to make it to the interview. I landed the position. I owe half of my success to Condesa for giving me a much-needed jolt, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Located just off of Freedom Parkway in the Old Fourth Ward, Condesa is sleek yet welcoming. Even early in the morning, their baristas are friendly and willing to help you during the decision process of what to order. Something that I especially like about Condesa is their rewards program – buy nine drinks, get one free! At night, Condesa breaks out the craft beers, and with a selection that includes Clown Shoes Beer and other hard-to-find brews, I’m totally game with their exquisite picks.

Pros: Free wifi, fast service, convenient location, sleek and clean aesthetics.
Cons: They hand you your coffee without a lid, so be careful if it’s piping-hot!

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar
Old Fourth Ward

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My best friend Carrie introduced me to Dancing Goats nearly a year ago, and this is a little how the exchange went: “Hey, Lindsay. There’s this new coffee place called Dancing Goats. It sounds weird, so I’m pretty sure you’d like it.” “Of course I’d like it – let’s go!” And the rest is history. Dancing Goats is owned and operated by Batdorf and Bronson Coffee, who are all about producing the best coffee and maintaining the most ethical production standards. That’s something I’m alright with. The best part of Dancing Goats (aside from the java!) is its expansive front patio, complete with spacious wooden rocking chairs. It isn’t rare to make friends with a few friendly dogs while you’re there, and the people aren’t too shabby either.

Pros: Free wifi, ethically roasted and produced coffee, covered outdoor seating.
Cons: There are no dancing goats to be found – I double-checked.

San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co.

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Located right off of Ponce, San Francisco Coffee is my newest haunt and find thanks to friend and editor of THEURBANREALIST, Danasia. As soon as you walk into San Fran, you notice two things: the robust aroma of freshly roasted coffee, and the rustic, at-home feel of the coffee shop. Come in, bring your laptop and make yourself at home – you’ll always feel welcome at San Fran. My latest poison of choice? The iced toddy – a strong mix of java that isn’t for the faint of heart! It’ll wake you up in the morning in no time. Promise.

Pros: Friendly atmosphere, indoor and outdoor seating, conveniently located behind an Urban Outfitters.
Cons: Conveniently located behind Urban Outfitters. And I’m broke.

No matter where you’re located in Atlanta, sooner or later, you’ll be destined to stumble upon the perfect, cozy coffee shop that satisfies your daily coffee craving. What coffee shops do you frequent to fuel up daily on caffeine? Let us know in a comment below!

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