Fashion Blogger Envy: Locks and Trinkets

Locks and Trinkets

Fashion Blogger Envy: Locks & Trinkets 

Written by Whitney Blomquist

Photos by Locks & Trinkets

Name: Enocha Tellus 

Location: Los Angeles, CA | Boston, MA

Wearing: Vintage top | Zara pants | Shoe Dazzle “Arti heels

Why we envy her: Enocha is bi-coastal, so she shares the best of both worlds with us! Locks and Trinkets is made up of her travels, music, outfits, beauty routines, personal achievements and struggles, and much more. Enocha’s fashion sense is a stand out on the site, and an inspiration to the style challenged. We love this look because she pairs a casual, realistic outfit with a stunning pair of heels- she  truly has awesome taste in shoes… and everything else!

For more inspiration:  Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Locks and Trinkets


Locks and Trinkets




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