Milan Design Week is the New York Fashion week of the design world. I was bummed I was unable to attend, so I lived vicariously through other bloggers and publications that went. The installations and pieces were completely out of this world, but when I came across Flowerprint on designboom, my heart skipped a beat.

The design studio Piuarch, in collaboration with landscape architect Cornelius Gavril, have created a botanical installation of epic proportions. Using 2,000 flowers to create a floral wall on the exterior of the Piuarch studio and comprised of everything from roses, and lilies, to thyme, rosemary, this installation smells as good as it looks. Perfumes by Adar Outdoor fragrances, and Vervedivo emanate the scent of freshly cut grass. This installation looks like something straight out of a gardener’s fantasy. View photos of Flowerprint below. 

  • I love the way this looks against the light wall. Everything stands out, yet you have to get up close to realize what everything is.

    • Yes it really pops against the light colored wall!

  • Wow! So creative and unique. I love the way this was done. It looks so stunning.

  • wow! That’s such gorgeous decoration and so unique too! I love flowers, something about them just brightens up any room and makes me feel happy.

    Ellie |

  • This is amazing! All I can thinking about is how great it would be to have a photo shoot in front of that wall!

    • Yes it makes the perfect backdrop!

  • Celine Klooster

    Wow I love that so much. It would be a great decoration to put that in my house or something like that.

  • Oh my goodness, this is so incredibly beautiful! I feel like this would be an instant pick-me-up to walk by and see this in person!

  • Meredith

    Oh, wow, that’s amazing! It’s like spring is falling from the sky. And it’s scented too?!? It just sounds so lovely and uplifting.

    • It’s got to smell amazing in person!

  • Chelf Chelfdom

    whoa! That’s is for sure the most interesting and inspiring project I’ve seen for such a long time. Instagram and pinterest worthy! It must be so unreal in person!

  • Nellwyn

    This installation looks incredible! I can only image how beautiful it must have been in person!

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