I’ve been a huge fan of Gucci since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of the fashion house in 2015. Each year he’s made their campaigns more vibrant and vivacious than the last. Even though he’s continued to create incredible campaigns season after season, his latest Pre-Fall 2017 campaign is by far his most iconic to date. Shot by constant collaborator Glen Luchford,  what sets this campaign apart from the rest is that it only features people of color. In an industry often criticized for it’s lack of diversity, Alessandro Michele is going against the norm and I’m so here for it!

Titled “Soul Scene”, the campaign features over 20 black models and dancers. Shot in the famous Mildmay Club in London, the photos embody black youth culture from the 60’s. Michele was inspired by artist Malick Sidibé, whose work he saw sometime ago at an exhibit called “Made You Look” which focused on black masculinity and dandyism. The spread is full of patterned two piece sets, bedazzled eyeglasses, and detailed patterns that I just can’t get enough of! Check out images of from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign below.  Image source: Fashionista 

  • In love with the patterns and prints 🙂 slaying the game!

  • This collection is quite the time warp! I love how fashion makes a comeback!

  • Laura

    The campaign shots for this line is absolutely INCREDIBLE. So empowering xxx

  • Wow! What an amazing photoshoot!!! I don’t think I could wear these in my small town but I do love them all!

  • I love this phootshoot! It’s so 1970’s!! Loving some of the bags too <3

  • I love crazy print combinations and this collection offers the perfect party proof mix.

  • Gucci is great and I love the vintage vibes of the photoshoot. It is so retro I am loving it x

  • Baby Isabella

    Love the luggage and the handbags. All the shots are very funky but we can’t see passed those nails!! eeeek!

  • I love everything in this campaign! I love how retro it feels and the colours and styles used x

  • This is iconic for sure! I am so for all this representation! Finally a luxury brand is getting it right! Now I need to buy a gucci bag to show my support! Love this post so much!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love how retro this is. There Are some seriously crazy prints going on here.

  • shoshana sue

    Wowzers! This campaign is really bound to draw conversations and attention. It is very daring, bold and loud prints. It’s a fun and interesting trip in fashion to the 60s.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    OMG what a blast from the past it really does look like a scene from the sixties with the style of clothing.

    • They did such a great job!

  • everinmay

    It’s so important to see brands celebrating different cultures and ethnicities so well done to Gucci, I love the beautiful clashing prints too- such an amazing campaign! xx

  • Healthy & Psyched

    Wow. They have really thought about everything in those photos. I love the dancing and the iguana!! And those pineapple glasses!!!

  • I think it’s great that Gucci is using the look of the 60’s and doing it using only those of color, considering the 60’s were not a time of acceptance and inclusion of those of color. It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

    • It’s definitely a step in the right direction!

  • I know they take their work seriously, but this shoot looks like they had so much fun! I feel like it’s actually a window into the sixties. The fashion industry isn’t known for being the most welcoming. James Scully was right to point out Gucci’s past. I don’t want to sound like a Negative Nelly – but I hope this isn’t just a token shoot. We need to see much more inclusivity from the industry going forward.

    • I completely agree Jessica!

  • Ayesha Farhad

    I love how brands are becoming more accepting of cultures and ethnicities. And for Gucci, this is an amazing step forward!

  • Wow those patterns and prints are pretty intense aren’t they?! x

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