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I had the opportunity to sit down with up and coming pop princess, Ruby the Rabbitfoot. She shares the inspiration behind her newest video, her current influences and more. Check out my interview with her below!

Your latest video, “As Bad As I Am”, is the definition of vintage glam. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the video?

Natalie wanted everything to be true to the year 1967… so all of the makeup, clothes, etc. were to match that time period. 

How would you describe your sound?

I don’t like to describe it. 

What’s your writing process like?

Fun and fast.

Who are your influences and why?

I’m really loving Rich Homie Quan right now. He has so much personal style in his voice. 

How has your sound changed over the years?

It’s getting bigger!

Have you experienced the quarter-life crisis?

I have mini crises all the time… I think a good crisis can light the fire under your ass to make a positive change. 

What are 5 things you’d tell your 20 year old self?

1. You are very special 2. Don’t worry so much about money  3. Stop comparing yourself to others 4. A broken heart will make you a badass 5. You don’t ever have to explain yourself to anyone 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? 

Just make your art.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I like my legs out… flowing shirts… chunky heels.  

What are your upcoming plans- a full release? A tour?

All of the above. 

Any advice for millennials who are just starting to pursue their passions? 

Fuck Yes! Haters make you famous. Do your thing! 

Ruby’s latest album titled New as a Dew is available here. Check out Ruby’s latest video below and be sure to follow Ruby the Rabbitfoot on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.



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