Located in London, the Leman Locke Aparthotel is the epitome of smart design with comfort in mind. Leman Locke takes the concept of a hotel room and flips it on its head by taking the space and functionality of an apartment and creating one-bedroom hotel suites and large studios for the modern traveler. In a day and age where many of us work from our laptops, working from your cramped hotel room can feel like such a drag. At Leman Locke, consider that problem eradicated- each room includes a bedroom, kitchen and a living area, allowing you to sleep, eat, work, and relax comfortably. The kitchen offers a nice option for cooking one or two meals in if you have become tired of eating out, or are looking to save a little money.

The hotel includes co-working spaces, a coffee shop, a bar, a restaurant and a 24-hour gym. I personally love that it has co-working spaces- there’s nothing like connecting with other digital nomads abroad! They offer short-term and long-term stays, as well as complimentary high-speed wifi.

As if this hotel wasn’t incredible enough, what takes it to another level is the beautiful interiors and design. Using an array of pastels and blush colors, the hotel has a bright and inviting aesthetic. The furniture is the perfect blend of mid-century modern and minimalist design. If you’re heading to London soon, I would definitely recommend booking a room at Leman Locke! View more images of the hotel below and visit their website here.

  • Annie Bean

    This looks lush. I can’t quite figure out if you actually stayed there or you are just writing about the place. If you did how was the gym etc?

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    That is so beautifully stylish. Definitely Instagram photo worthy!

  • This place is gorgeous! I absolutely love the stair case! xo

    • Thanks for commenting Dena!

  • Laura

    WOW this is instagram heaven! I would love to stay here although I doubt it would be looking as clean and tidy for very long!! xxx

    • Yes it’s so perfect for Instagram!

  • I’ve not heard of this place before but it’s the prettiest place! The decor is goals! xo

  • kitty kaos

    This place looks amazing like proper goals. I need that pink sofa in my life pronto x

    • Yes the pink sofa is perfect!

  • Emily Leary, A Mummy Too

    That looks like a great place to get some work done without too many distractions, and I love how much natural light it looks like the rooms get.

  • This looks like a great London base for working travellers, I absolutely love the decor and design!

    • Thanks for commenting Jemma!

  • What a beautiful looking space! I live pretty close to the city but still love to head there for weekend’s away x

    • That’s so amazing that you live so close!

  • Wow this place looks amazing. Although I live so close to London I’d love to stay overnight and spend a whole weekend as a tourist x

    • It would be the perfect place for a staycation Rhian!

  • I love their design! Should i say its minimalistic and an elegant one. Looks modern and comfy apart hotels. Might consider to visit this soon.

  • This looks like a perfect place to stay for those who work while they travel. It’s also a great to be able to cook for yourself and wash your clothes, it really does save money, especially if you are staying somewhere longer term.

  • wow this is ideal for me but it looks so clean and fresh x

    • Thanks for commenting Lisa.

  • This is my first time coming across something like the concept of a aparthotel but I like the idea behind it and love all the bright colours too x

    • The bright colors are my favorite part!

  • I love the minimalist design and the colors of the aparthotel. i like the idea of aparthotels, where you have the option to cook and also wash your clothes. Sometimes, when you travel, you do need a washing machine and you won’t find that in a classic hotel.

  • Donna

    Looks like an interiors magazine! Seriously stylish and stunning! I would love to stay there, thanks for the recommend!

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