Manabu Ikeda’s latest work titled Rebirth is proof that in order to create a masterpiece, one must be disciplined and ready to devote the necessary time. For 3 and a half years, Ikeda spent 10 hours a day painting his beautiful, massive ink picture. The 13×10 foot art piece was inspired by the tsunami in 2011 and the Fukushima disaster. When you look closely, you can see a multitude of what seems like stories within a story. Manabu Ikeda has created a stunning visual masterpiece.

Image Source: Fubiz

  • Oh my goodness .. what an artist! I’m always amazed by the attention to detail and patience they have. I’d love to have the 2nd photo to hand in our living room .. the colors and design are so cool! Thanks for your post

  • Kiyshia Goche

    Wow! this is is beyond impressive – I mean the detail! from an ink pen?? this is crazy good.

  • KGR

    The amount of detail used by an ink pen is incredible! I love how the colour is built up and the overall effect is stunning.

  • Wow, this is a really impressive work of art. Great idea behind it too!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    So much detail in one piece of work, just truly stunning x

  • Mellissa Williams

    Such a detailed painting. I am a big fan of modern art and would love to see this

  • This is an absolutely stunning piece of work! I would love a replica of this in my home. x

  • mummyslittlemonkey

    This is absolutely gorgeous – the details is crazy! 10 hours a day, for 3.5 years?! Now there’s a level of patience I certainly do NOT possess… x

  • Wow these paintings are absolutely stunning, such a talented artist x

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