In my opinion, Mansur Gavriel always has some of the best and brightest ad campaigns, and their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign is no different. Full of robust reds and stark whites as the background, the bags and shoes from their latest collection truly stand out.

My personal favorite is the Metropolitan Bag- it’s fine lines and structure would compliment almost any outfit. I’m also in love with the bright red slippers. They’re the perfect fit for any minimalist ensemble.

  • oh wow this campaign really does make the products stand out for sure brilliant way to highlight the important things only

  • Kira L Curtis

    What a wonderful campaign! I love how diverse the models are and I love the bags!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love the white handbags. Only trouble is, I think I would end up spilling so much on them lol.

  • Omg I love those bags!!

  • The campaign is so clean and chic! I love how they used a diverse group of models!

  • fashion-mommy

    I agree, this campaign is stunning, I love every one of the bags too.

  • Emma Oxley

    Love the sleekness of these campaigns. They’re so eye-catching due to the uniformity and the bright colours – fab!

  • Absolutely love this collection and its presentation! So clean and bold!

  • Hayley

    I absolutely love the red bag, such a lovely design.

  • These are gorgeous, minimal but stunning designs too!


  • Omg, the white bag gives me so much fear, it wouldn’t stay white long with me! xo

  • francesca

    These are gorgeous!! I love that they are all minimalist designs, they would look great with anything they have such lovely structures!

  • I love the look of these bags, they’re beautiful and perfectly compact x

    • You’re right their a nice size!

  • With Love, Lottie

    These bags look really stylish, not sure I could cope with a white bag though and keeping it clean!

    • I’m so bad about keeping white bags and shirts clean too!

  • I am loving the beautiful bags here. So very stylish.

  • Ickle Pickle

    Oh wow, so many beautiful bags! I haven’t heard of this brand before. Kaz

  • Jodie Whitham

    Not come across the brand, but do some lovely small bags 🙂

  • i have to agree with erin below i spotted the slippers first two they must be soo comfy love the colours and styles x

  • Erin Ek Rush

    I really like those slippers as well. They look great for a splash of colour!

  • Helen Best-Shaw

    I rather like the gingham bags, chic but with a touch of fun. Perfect for summer.

    • Yes! They’re so perfect for summer!

  • The bag with the bow on it is so cute. I’d never heard of the brand until now x

    • They make such cute purses and shoes!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    The photos look great and the colors really do stand out too x

    • Thanks for commenting Hannah!

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    I love the baby blue handbag with the brown handle!

  • Donna

    I could look at these pics all day! Stunning images and colours, so exciting! The white bag is really different!

    • Yeah the white bag has a very unique look!

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