It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with beautiful interiors and stunning design. It’s also no secret that I’m a huge fan of super delicious cocktails. That’s why when I came across Mr. Simon- a secret cocktail bar in Udine, Italy (thank the gods for Designboom), I knew I had to share it with you immediately.

If Stanley Kubrick and Wes Andersen had a baby, it would be this bar’s aesthetic. Designed by Visual Display, a brand and interior design agency, Mr. Simon is a cocktail bar for the chic adventurer. Hidden behind a broom closet, guests have access by reservation only and in possession of an access code. The bar seats just 25 people, making for a very intimate affair. The cocktails are dynamic and rare- the menu is inspired by the host’s various trips around the world, or by whatever the mood strikes at the moment. The blue velvet furnishings give it a sultry and luxurious air. I can only imagine the epic selfies taken in the mirror encased bathroom. Mr. Simon is definitely on my list for places to visit when I make it to Northern Italy, and it should be on your list too. Check out pictures of the gorgeous bar below.



  • Oh WOW! This place looks amazing. I bet the dark setting was a bit of a nightmare to photograph, but you’ve nailed it btw. Can’t get over that mirror bathroom!

  • Jessica Foster

    Wow the designs here are amazing! They look like this boutique hotel I used to work at. It really looks like the full experience.

  • Baby Isabella

    What a beautiful interior! This place looks magical. Love the bar area 🙂

  • Anamika Ojha

    I loved the interiors! It looks classy and stunning. Also the bathroom is amazing!

  • Leah Shafik

    Absolutely stunning! I love how kooky this place is but also so well put together and thought out. Plus the cocktails are a bonus x

  • Not sure when I will be in Northern Italy but this is one gorgeous looking bar. Not sure I would want to leave, the visuals alone are enough to keep me there.

  • I love it when places have unique bathrooms. It’s kind of weird and cool that it’s basically all mirrors. I also love the decor overall!

  • Dorothy H

    Great photos! I especially love their wall decor.

  • Wow loving the interior decor here. So beautiful.

  • Annie Bean

    My word those photos! Goodness I’m book marking your page for photograph inspiration! This place looks absolutely awesome.

  • aryn

    This was a great post! The pictures are incredible and I love the dark feel. I will need to visit someday!

  • M. williams

    Wow, the decor is so very chic and interesting everything just really comes together! I will definitely add this to my sights to see on any future trips to Italy. The architecture is breathtaking!

  • What a stunning place, I love the beautiful and modern design! 🙂

  • This place looks amazing! I would love to go xo

  • T-Nicole Johnson

    This place looks amazing! The blue velvet couch, Yes, please! I need the bathroom walls in my bathroom.

  • Deimarys Colon

    That place looks so elegant. Definitely a place to have a good time and meet nice peeps! The picture with the mirrors though!!!!!

  • Wow! what a stunning place! This blue sofa looks totally amazing and so comfy!

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    These are stunning photos! I really love all the decor. I would love to visit someday!

    Beth ||

  • Nellwyn

    This looks beautiful, I love places like this! I will definitely have to go if I’m ever in Italy

  • Kim S

    Wow! That’s a beautiful restaurant! Love the dark atmosphere and beautiful furniture. Yes, that bathroom is definitely epic!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    This place is just beautiful, I love the decor x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    OMG what an amazing looking place. Even the bathroom looks stunning, I love that photo!

  • What a beautiful place! I’d love to visit for a cocktail or two x

  • Healthy & Psyched

    Wow. I love that style. I always find cocktails taste nicer if the venue looks good 🙂

  • Laura

    Oh wow this place looks absolutely incredible! I love how instagrammable the whole place is

  • This bar is amazing! I don’t even like to drink much, but I’d have a cocktail just so I could check this place out.

  • fashion-mommy

    The bar decor makes it look like you’ve stepped back in time, looks amazing.

  • Hayley

    Wow, tis looks so cool! Definitely somewhere i would like to visit!

    • Thanks for commenting Hayley!

  • Em

    JUST WOW! What incredible pictures! It looks extremely cosy and luxurious!

    Em T

  • Kacie

    We have a secret cocktail bar in Cardiff too 🙂

    • We have a bunch of them here in the U.S. too, I just haven’t seen any this beautiful!

  • You are a girl after my own heart gorgeous cocktails in gorgeous surroundings, this place looks amazin would love to visit one day x

  • Jodie Whitham

    I love this design so much! It is better than i could ever imagine. I wouldn’t know where to begin to make a place as cool as this x

  • Wow this place looks amazingly beautiful and so aesthetically pleasing. Your photography has managed to capture this so we can share it too!

    • Thanks Chelsea! Visual Display took the photos though.

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