UR NYFW:Ultra-Chic Junk Food Vintage NFL Runway Show with Kristin Cavallari



UR NYFW:Ultra-Chic Junk Food Vintage NFL Runway Show with Kristin Cavallari

Written by Kristen Chuber and photographed by Jessica Pester

Both football fans and fashionistas alike found what they were looking for at Style360’s NYFW Junk Food Vintage NFL show on Tuesday. The event was hosted by the always-beautiful Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach at a bright, chic event space in downtown Chelsea. Also present were the numerous sponsors and contributors to the event, including Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4, Sabra hummus, Sweet’N Low, Eight O’Clock Coffee, and Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food. The event was oozing with as much fun as there was fashion, with free giveaways, dance contests, and even a feline photo-op with the Fancy Feast cat! Meee-ow!

The show was brilliantly designed to mimic a game of NFL football – divided into four quarters, monitored by tall, handsome referees in black-and-white striped jerseys, and set to an exhilarating pump-up set from DJ Josh Madden. The colorful collection, designed by Kristin herself, brought the turf to the runway, turning NFL-inspired looks into effortlessly feminine pieces. From cute cropped jerseys and oversized “boyfriend” pieces to sexy shorts and flirty skirts, the collection truly brings a whole new meaning to “Fantasy Football”. The show was an exciting display of design, allowing two industries that are normally at opposite ends of the spectrum to collaborate and breed creative results.


Overall, the runway show was fabulous.  Personal favorites included the cozy oversized sweaters worn on the New York Jets & Miami Dolphins’ models , the sexy Houston Texans’ long-sleeved crop , and the flirty purple and gold Baltimore Ravens ensemble . Kristin Cavallari could have strutted the catwalk herself, curating the event in a too-cute mini-dress featuring her favorite NFL team, the Chicago Bears .

After the conclusion of the show, guests, models, and Kristin herself visited the rooftop of The Sanctuary Hotel in Times Square for the official Style360/NYFW After Party celebrating Junk Food Clothing. Views of NYC’s theater district were only paralleled by the beautiful guests in attendance and glittery drinks in their hands. Custom cocktails and cozy lighting helped set the mood as guests enjoyed the beautiful late-summer weather on one of NYC’s most luxurious rooftops. It was a lovely, laid-back evening to wrap up a festive day of football and fashion. In our opinion, a total touchdown. Good work, Kristin!

What do you think of Kristin’s Junk Food NFL collection? Share your thoughts on Twitter with us! Tag @theurbanrealist and #JunkFoodNFL and let us know!


Kristen is an avid New York Jets fan who is an expert at cutting big t-shirts into cute gameday attire, but thinks K.Cav did a better job than she did this time around. Big thanks to Jessica Pester for the awesome photos in the post. Follow Kristen’s blog at www.kristenchuber.wordpress.com and on Twitter at @kris10cee.



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