Iran has some of the most gorgeous architecture in the world and The Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum is no exception. Covered with millions of pieces of glass, this is the tomb of Mir Muhammad and Amir Ahmad, brothers of Imam Reza, successors of Prophet Muhammad. The tombs initially were just regular mausoleums. It wasn’t until the 14th century that Queen Tashi Khatun erected a mosque and a school of theology by the tombs. After carrying out the necessary repairs, the queen ordered the tomb to be covered with millions of pieces of colored glass that glitter in the light and magnify its brilliance repeatedly. It looks like the mausoleum is covered in hundreds of thousands of crystals and I love it!

The Shah-e-Cheragh is now an important pilgrimage center of the city of Shiraz. View pictures from the Shah-e-Cheragh below.
Photo Source: Fubiz 

  • Wow, those glass details are really amazing! So much glitter and reflections – fascinating!!

  • Anthea

    Wow, the pictures are stunning. What an amazing place. Is it open to the public?

  • What an amazing interior, it looks spectacular.

  • Emily Leary, A Mummy Too

    I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a photograph of this place before, it’s honestly one of the most stunning interiors I’ve ever seen.

  • Always Carry On.

    I really want to go to Iran! There are so many beautiful things to see – I’d never heard of this one, but it looks spectacular x

  • fashion-mommy

    OMG that place is absolutely incredible, the pictures are just stunning.

  • Oh wow! That is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see that.

  • Annie Bean

    Goodness! What an amazing view – I can imagine taking those pictures in that light was really hard because of all the shininess!

  • Mike Marie Barber

    Wow! That looks absolutely gorgeous! How amazing definitely breath taking! I never knew such place existed!

  • C Kennedy

    That is quite literally one of the most stunning places I have ever seen! I absolutely love that the queen took the time to make the place so beautiful, she should be commended for such a wonderful piece of architecture.

  • Laura

    OMG OMG OMG WOW this mausoleum looks absolutely INCREDIBLE! You’re right, it is breath taking. My friends dad is from Iran. I’ll have to ask him if he has visited it xxx

  • Crystal Gareau

    Oh wow – these photos are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

  • Oh, my I have never seen anything quite like this before! This is simply breathtaking and I would so love to see this someday. Absolutely incredible!

  • Clarissa

    it looks amazing reminded me of Wicked the musical emerald green thank you for sharing I’d never of seen this !

  • Jo Wiggins

    Look at all that green!! This is so pretty, I’ve never seen anything like it x

  • Wow this looks incredible, it really is a sight and a half. I’d have never thought about Iran being that beautiful x

  • Donna

    WOW!!!! It really has taken my breath away! I have NEVER seen anything like this, how wondrous!

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