I recently came across the artist Esther Sarto on Booooooom and instantly became a fan of her work. I love how detailed her pieces are. They require you to take a step back and look closely. Her paintings are thought provoking yet at the same time whimsical.

Esther Sarto is 25 years old and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. View more of her work below.

  • Healthy & Psyched

    WOW. They’re so detailed. I could look at them for hours!

  • Laura

    WOW these works of art are so incredible. I cannot believe how much detail has gone into them and how thought provoking they are. I could stare at them for hours xxx

  • I love all these pieces of art, so intricate and detailed!

  • This is very unique art work its very detailed and very fascinating too

  • I love how different her work is. theres so many things to see just in one piece

  • These are fascinating and quite hard to look at but at the same time I want to keep looking at them

  • Kira L Curtis

    I love how inspired my surrealist art it seems and how detailed they are! This is the sort of work I like to see!

  • These are fascinating, I’m just sat here staring at them. Love the way they are so thought provoking

  • Jenna E Morley

    This is really fascinating art, really interesting and so detailed

  • Alison Rost

    These are incredible. I can’t stop looking at them! Especially the second one. Thank-you for sharing such a wonderful artist with your readers

  • Love those art pieces, very interesting how each colour and patterns are used!

  • At first glance you night be forgiven for looking at the art pieces as one dimensional but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I especially love the colouful art scene that explores sexuality and destruction.

  • Very thought provoking art pieces. I love work like that!

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    Oh wow, these are fascinating! I could look at these for ages

  • Her art is beautiful and I can see in the paintings a lot of today’s’ world’s problems. The human dilemmas are very well represented in her art.

  • I don’t think I have seen any art quite like this! It’s simply stunning and I love them all xx

  • I love the detail of these pieces – they’re beautiful x

  • Wow some of these pieces are stunning and such a lot of detail x

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I’ve never heard of this artist before, her work looks fab

  • Love the one in the forest. They are all so different! Nice discovery. Off to see more of the art work.

  • Anosa Malanga VA

    Wow such amazing creations. The details are perfect. Ohh, I wish I have this kind of talent.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Wow so much detail and effort seems to have gone into each one of those they are fantastic!

  • Wow what a talented lady, those images are amazing and most definitely uplifting.

  • Becca Talbot

    You’re totally right – this art has lifted my spirits! Thanks for sharing! x

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