UR FASHION: “I Am Heat” 2014 Collection for Miami Heat’s Female Fans

I Am Miami 2

UR FASHION: “I Am Heat” 2014 Collection For Miami Heat’s Female Fans

Written by S. Renée

Recently, there’s been a huge demand for women’s sporting apparel in today’s fashion market. Thankfully, Miami based clothing company, Peace Love World has added the new “I Am Heat” line to their 2014 Collection, inspired by home team NBA Champions, the Miami Heat. Already gaining support from celebrities (Miami Heat wives Adrienne Bosh and Jenine Howard, the Kardashians, Beyoncé and J.Lo), the brand continues to capture the eyes and hearts of female sports fans in Miami and beyond.


I Am Miami 1
I Am Miami 3

Providing fashionable pieces to suit every style, Peace Love World is the perfect go-to option for a look that is game-day chic. All Peace Love World x Miami HEAT items are available exclusively at the HEAT store at the American Airlines Arena.


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