As someone who works from home, I often wish I had an extra bedroom to turn into my home office. Space at home is one thing I’m sure most of us wish we had more of. That’s why when I read about this artist who had his apartment designed to also double as a art gallery on Dezeen, I had to share it with you.ย Located in Berlin, Germany and designed by the Swiss studio Raum 404, this 1,400 sq. ft. apartment is the epitome of elegant. Located on the first floor of a building, with four full-height windows, this apartment gets a ton of light. It’s unobstructed by your traditional household items and furniture creating a sense of openness and space.

The kitchen is truly a work of art. The black and grey marble stands out against the white paneling. I also love the hidden black bathroom! The glass shower door adds a touch of mystique to the whole aesthetic. View the apartment in its entirety below.
Photography by Noshe.

  • I love everything about this place apart from the bathroom! Otherwise it’s my dream home <3

  • How gorgeous, is this apartment, I would kill for a place like this.

  • Annie Bean

    Apartments like this are beautiful if you come and go, but for actual living it is far too simplistic for me

  • Samantha JL

    I love the minimalist look, I have been trying *so* hard to declutter my space to create a better atmosphere… alas, a long way to go! The waterfall shower is the absolute dream!

  • I love the style of this place, it’s super trendy and awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Wow those are stunning they are all great design ideas. I love the white panelling and black bathroom.

  • Melanie Williams

    Love this look, sleek, chic contemporary just my style ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Wow! What a fabulous place!!! I don’t know if I love the kitchen or the bathroom more!

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    Wow I would love a home that looked liked this. I definately would like a waterfall shower! We have a study – I say we but my partner has just made it into his man cave.

  • Mummy’s Monkey

    Wow, what an amazing looking place. I love the look of places like this but I’m not sure they would actually work for our family – toddlers and minimalist don’t mix!

  • Shannon Ritchie

    I love minimalist interiors! I adore that black marble, so modern!

  • I have to agree with you, it really is the epitome of cool. I love the black marble and the entire vibe is so slick x

  • beautykinguk

    That black marble is really quite striking isnt it? What an amazing apartment.

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    That is super cool. I love how much light there is and how simple it is.

  • Laura

    Wow this design is so sleek and contemporary. I’m loving the marble splash back in the kitchen!

  • Such gorgeous design ideas!
    I love the marble ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dani x

  • Joanna

    What a stunning apartment I really love the black and grey marble.

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Not sure i like all of the white look as it looks to clinical and not homely

    • The minimalist aesthetic isn’t for everyone!

  • I am in love with the beautiful large kitchen and the black bathroom (nice bum in the shower btw). I like the minimalist concept and I’d like to live in such a house.

  • I do find the clean lines of minimalist looks like this beautiful. However, it also feels somewhat cold and impersonal to me so I’m not sure if I could have a home like this.

    • Yeah one of my close friends feels the same way about a ton of white in the home.

  • Baby Isabella

    The black and grey marble is stunning! We’ve love to have this in our house!

    • I’m obsessed with the marble too.

  • What a beautiful place, not sure if I could live in such a minimalist environment but it does look beautiful! x

    • Thanks for commenting Stephanie!

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