The latest home in our UR HOME ENVY series is a minimalist’s dream. I cannot get enough of the natural light in this space. The neutral tones give the apartment a very welcoming vibe. I love how bright and clean everything appears without it feeling sterile. Designed by Anne Sophie Goneau, this 1,035 square foot apartment is located in a triplex in Montreal, Canada.

In an interview with dezeen, Goneau says “The challenge was to divide each area in order to optimize the space while respecting the architectural integrity of the existing location. The idea was to highlight the raw materials, discovered during demolition, in order to communicate their relief and color the environment. Each piece has its visual boundaries that overlap strategically in the adjacent rooms, optimizing the spatiality of the place.”

Removing the plasterboard revealed exposed brick from the outdoor walls- it creates an industrial, yet aesthetically pleasing touch to the gorgeous space. I absolutely adore the use of glass partitions to break up the rooms instead of traditional walls. Last, but not least that rooftop patio is incredible! It’s the perfect place to spend spring mornings and summer nights. Check out the apartment in its entirety below. 

Found on dezeen

Photography by Adrien Williams

  • francesca

    Oh god its perfect!!!!! Love how clean cut and minimal it is!! It has some really unique touches and trendy furnishings that make it really spark!

  • Oh this is so nice. I guess I will make this as an inspiration for my dream future home. Looks so simple yet elegant because of its minimalistic design.

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love how clean and simple that all looks. Although, I am pretty sure I would fill it with baby toys within minutes haha.

  • fashion-mommy

    It’s a stunning space, although maybe a little stripped back and minimal for my tastes,

  • lianne

    Love the look of this!! I can’t help but wonder if it’d make the room feel a lot colder with the stripped back brick walls?

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I want to live here! I love how minimalist it looks but at the same time, all that space x

  • I love the minimalist look but I couldn’t ever have it, I have a 12 year old who wouldn’t know minimal if it hit her in the face haha! xx

  • I love how clean and fresh this apartment looks. My house would never stay like that with a toddler and my OH though.

  • This looks lovely, I really like the minimalist look but I am more of a fan of vintage/retro styles 🙂

  • Baby Isabella

    Gorgeous! We love it! With a small splash of yellow in the furnishing we’d be in heaven!

  • omg this place looks insane, I love the exposed brick!

  • The exposed brick is beautiful and seeing that bathroom truly made me feel some bliss! x

  • I love the idea of minimalist but I know it’s just not me, I prefer the personality x

  • Laura

    I absolutely love the minimalist look, purely because its a lot easier to keep clean and tidy! xxx

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    The bricks look great, although im not a fan of the white walls, much prefer color x

  • I really do like the exposed brickwork in this apartment. I like the bright natural light as well and how open the space feels. It is just a bit too spartan for my taste however.

  • I love how clean and the airy the apartment looks and it is indeed a minimalist haven. It kinda looks futuristic which I love x

  • I love the kitchen, in fact I do love the whole place, only think I am not too sure about is the amount of glass and keeping it smear free x

  • I do love the minimalist look, not sure I could keep it that clean and tidy though x

  • ThatgirlSue

    so stylish! this place looks amazing, really need to redecorate my home

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