At TheUrbanRealist we are always looking for guest blogger submissions! TheUrbanRealist welcomes articles on timely, relevant topics about the issues on which the digital magazine focuses.

Blog posts should meet the following requirements upon submission:

-Original content that hasn’t been posted on other websites or blogs.

-Posts should be no more than 550 words and stick to one topic or idea.

-Posts should be formatted and punctuated correctly. Be sure your spelling is correct.

-Posts should be written for a wide audience. Using conversational language, blog posts should explain things clearly, and use specific examples to illustrate a point.

-Online attention spans are short, and people rarely read web pages word-by-word. Instead readers scan a page, picking out individual words and sentences. Posts should employ scannable tactics such as:

Highlighted keywords
Bulleted lists
Short paragraphs
Short sentences
One idea per paragraph

-The post title should be five to eight words (in title case) and should be attention grabbing.

-Blogs are dynamic platforms for learning about news, information, current issues, and entertainment. A strong blog post includes links to other sites, blogs, and partner organizations. Blog posts should be submitted with hyperlinks embedded in the post.

-Whenever possible, blog posts should include images or infographics to provide compelling and easily digestible content for readers.

-Encourage reader interaction by providing a clear call to action, post their thoughts in the comments section, or share the piece with their networks on Twitter or Facebook.

– Please do not submit interview articles.

– Please include at the end of your post a short 3rd person bio with links to your blog and twitter account. If this information is not included your article will not be published. 

-Email your submissions to Danasia@TheUrbanRealist.com.

If you’re article is chosen to be published you will be notified via email within two weeks of your submission date