When you first look at the work of Inès Longevial, you’re immediately drawn in by her use of color. Upon looking again, you notice that you’re not just looking at abstract hues and lines, but intricate details of a face or body part. Her paintings are complex and multi-faceted, while at the same time being vibrant and fun.

Inès Longevial is a French artist who is based in Paris. You can view more of her work below and purchase her pieces here.

  • Chloe Griffiths

    beautiful pieces, i love this style of art so colourful xo

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    These are awesome and something a little different. I really want to put more art up around our house.

  • I’ve never heard of this painter before but I really love these pieces. So bright and cheerful. Yet also very well painted!

  • francesca

    That artwork is brilliant! I love the use of
    Colour in them they’re really unique!

  • Mummy’s Monkey

    I love these! The colours are gorgeous. The nose and mouth one is my favourite – I’d definitely have something like that up in my house.

  • I love the picture of the lips- I’d have that up in my house for sure!

  • Annie Bean

    I can appreciate this but it isn’t to my taste. Find it far too abstract, but love the shades.

  • Such lovely paintings, I like the colours and the style the art is! thanks for sharing

  • I love the abstract, almost childlike quality of her paintings. It kind of reminds me of MR Cenz Zone who does street art x

  • Such beautiful colours in these pieces, thank you for sharing!

  • Wow, these paintings are gorgeous! I love the one of the lady.

  • I love these pieces, they’re so bright and colourful! x

  • I like the way she uses patterns and shapes to create art. The paintings are really nice and they would look very good on the walls of a modern house.

  • Lovely art, the attention to detail getting the different parts of the face is amazing x

  • Natasha Mairs

    These paintings are really gorgeous. Love how she has painted the hands and the checked scarfs

  • Alison Rost

    This are absolutely wonderful! My husband and I have a number of paintings that are of the same style. I really like the woman with the blue scarf in her hair. She seems so peaceful and kind

  • GlamourGlitterGloss

    Great use of colour, these paintings are beautiful! Wish I could paint

  • Elodie

    Loved those pieces! Thanks for sharing! x

  • Melanie Williams

    So cool, so vibrant and deffo my kind of thing. You have got me feeling all arty for sure:) x

  • Gareth Torrance

    Those are amazing! The mix of colours works so damn well, it gets your mind flowing!

  • I don’t know a lot about artists and art in general, but I have enjoyed looking at these artworks. In particular the eyes, and the hands, just seem so real. The eyes seem to look straight at you from the picture. Talented artist.

  • lisa prince

    i absolutely love artwork i find it so fascinating that so many diffeent people have so many different perspectives on what were all seeing x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    The pictures are really eye catching with strong vibrant colours. It’s interesting to see the way she uses the colours using strong bold lines.

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I love the colors on her work, they really do stand out x

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