Top 10 Popular Summer Flowers For Your Home

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

When it comes to the summers, there is nothing more beautiful than your backyard or home filled with beautiful flowers. Flowers are a necessity for beauty and relaxation. However, knowing what flowers are good for your garden, or home, is important because not all are alike or have the same effect. Here is a list of fresh summer flowers that you should bring home.


Dahlias are cultivated for their decorative value and are often used in cut flower arrangements. The Dahlia is a perennial plant that grows from the rhizomes of its tuberous roots; it can be easily propagated by division of its roots or by planting the tubers or offsets in late fall or early spring. The flower is native to Central America, but is now grown worldwide.


Dahlias are grown in various forms like single row, double row, and broad leaf types. The double row Dahlias have abundant flowers in clusters on each stem. They are popularly known as pompons or buttonhole varieties. The single row types include those with single flower stems without branching or branching at intervals of three to six inches apart along the main stem.


A lily is also called a rose lily or Easter lily. It has long been known that the beauty of some flowers is only appreciated by people who see them from afar and this is true of the lily..

In addition to its appearance, Lily has many benefits. For example, it can help keep mosquitoes away. They are easy to care for as well. They require very little maintenance once they have been planted in your garden. Just water them regularly during the hot months and fertilize them every other week during the spring and fall months (you should stop fertilizing them after September).


Begonia is a genus of perennial flowering plants belonging to the family Begoniaceae. Begonia can be grown as an ornamental house plant, greenhouse plant, or outdoors in the summer garden. They are used as bedding plants or potted plants. Some begonias have large leaves and some have small. The leaves may be solid green or variegated with white and yellow markings.

Begonias are grown worldwide, and there are more than 1,300 species of begonias. Begonia species are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

They are herbaceous perennials that grow from rhizomes (underground stems) that store water and nutrients for growth during winter when temperatures are cold outside. This allows growth to occur quickly once spring arrives each year when temperatures warm up again outdoors.


Marigolds are easy-to-grow flowers that provide color to your garden all summer long. They come in many different colors and varieties, so there’s sure to be one that will fit in perfectly with your other flowers!


You can plant marigolds from seeds or roots, but they are easiest to start indoors in pots or trays. Once they have grown enough, transplant them into the ground outside when nighttime temperatures remain above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Zinnia has been used in flower gardens since the 18th century when it was introduced to Europe by French botanist Charles Plumier. The Zinnia contains many different species and flowers, including the famous “Zinnia grandiflora.” These flowers are native to Mexico but have been grown throughout North America since their introduction by European settlers. They can grow wild in abandoned fields or along roadsides and in-home gardens and commercial farming operations throughout the United States.


The poppy is an annual plant with a long stem, large, colorful flowers, and a single heart-shaped leaf. It has multiple bright orange or red flowers with a yellow center, making it a great option for gardens that need color and diversity. The poppy flower also lasts several days after it’s picked and makes a beautiful addition to floral arrangements. Since poppies are annuals, they need to be planted yearly so you can enjoy them all summer long. They grow well in full sun or partial shade and are easy to plant from seed or seedlings.


Verbena has a beautiful, sweet fragrance and an abundance of colorful blooms. Verbena can be found in many colors, including pink, red, purple, white, and yellow. The plant produces small tubular flowers that have a sweet scent. The leaves are narrow and pointed at the end of each stem.

Verbena makes a great choice for hanging baskets or adding color to your garden beds. It needs full sun to thrive and should be watered regularly, so it does not become too dry.


Petunias are easy to grow, have a long blooming period, and come in various colors—from white to purple to pink, red, yellow, orange, and more! Petunias are very hardy plants that grow best in full sun. They can be grown from seed or cuttings. If you want to start from seed, then sow them indoors about six weeks before the last frost date for your area. Transplant them into their permanent pots when they’re about two inches tall.


Geraniums are great for adding color to any space. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, in pots or on the ground. They are known for their lovely purple-pink flowers and their sweet fragrance. Geraniums are also very easy to care for, making them a great choice for beginners or anyone who wants to add color to their space but doesn’t want to spend a ton of time tending to plants daily.

Another benefit of geraniums is that they are very low maintenance and require little water, making them perfect for those who live in dry climates or areas with limited rainfall throughout the year. They also thrive in less fertile soil than other flowers, such as roses or tulips, so they’re perfect even if you don’t have access to good quality soil where you live (which often happens during droughts).


Iris is a popular summer flower for home and garden. It is a perennial plant that can live for about two weeks and has some medicinal properties. Iris is not only beautiful, but it also has many health benefits. The iris flowers have been used to treat different ailments and other diseases since ancient times. People used to consider them a symbol of power, wisdom, and love, which shows how important this flower is to them.


The hot weather and sunshine make it the ideal time for outdoor gatherings filled with fun in the sun. The flowers we’ve listed add a colorful touch to any outdoor event, so feel free to add them to your summer garden.

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