why you should thrift shop

10 Reasons Why You Should Thrift Shop

Written By Bridget Marowski

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No matter what stores may open or how appealing their clothing may be, I will always love vintage clothing the most.
1. There’s a good chance that no one else will be wearing what you are. 
Vintage clothing gives you an edge because the items you find are so unique. I have never seen anyone else wearing the same vintage pieces that I own.
2. The quality is on a different level.
I am going to be honest here, clothing today is made pretty cheap. Unless you can afford to buy high-end designers, most clothing stores have taken on the principal of cheap chic or disposable clothing. The one thing I love about vintage is that the quality is there, making the garment last much longer.
3. It can be cleaned so don’t get grossed out.
A lot of people are hesitant to buy vintage clothing because it is “gross”. Well my friends, there is such a thing as a washing machine and dry cleaner. Wash it or have it cleaned right away and you won’t know the difference.
4. You’re giving clothes another chance at life therefore helping the earth.
Clothes that end up in a thrift shop are not going to end up in landfills. This in turn, will help our planet. Think of it as clothes recycling.
5. You can still be trendy, think a leather jacket from the 80s.
If you are really into following seasonal trends, have no fear. All it takes is a little extra creativity on your end to find pieces that will work for you. Thrift shops are meccas for items with sequins, leather, and other trendy looks.
6. Vintage can be mixed and matched with clothes from today.
A lot of celebrities are known for their ability to mix a $5 dress from a thrift shop with a $500 pair of shoes. Eliminate your one-track mind when it comes to vintage because some of the best looks can be created using old and new.
7. You will save some serious $.
I am not kidding about this. I have walked out of thrift shops, bags about to explode, for around $50. For anyone who may be “embarrassed” to be seen in a thrift shop, no worries. The more you visit them, the more you notice that the people shopping are not the stereotypical customers of such an establishment. By this I mean, thrift shops are not just for financially strapped people, the wealthy like to grab a bargain as well.
8. Vintage accessories are usually much more elaborate than those of today.
This is especially true when it comes to jewelry and purses. Unlike the cheap costume jewelry and polyurathene purses we see everywhere, accessories from the past have staying power.
9. It gives you a story to tell when you meet new people.
If you are at a party where you are new to the crowd, or even shopping in unfamiliar territory; vintage clothing is the ultimate conversation piece. Just a cautionary note: No one will ever believe you purchased what you are wearing from a thrift shop.
10. Finding unique pieces in stores is a lot of fun, much like a scavenger hunt.
You can make thrift shopping into a game. I usually hit up the printed sections and scan along grabbing every piece that catches my eye. Whatever your technique, remember that is a shopping experience like no other.
So if you are sick of your usual shopping haunts hit up your local thrift or vintage stores for a new look.

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