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5 Ways to Become Comfortable With Your Spirituality

Written by Quasia Elle 

With more life experiences, whether seen as obstacles or opportunities, the search for reason grows deeper and more desperately. We may get answers from religion, or by simply changing our lifestyles to find inner peace. At the core of any peace, identity is discovered. You understand your likes and differentiate them between another’s, go after wants, and realize purpose. The road to finding purpose isn’t an easy or fully comfortable one, but it’s ultimately what we’re living for. Everyone’s road is different, but the experience has the same outcome.
1. Be Comfortable With Being Alone –The more time you spend alone, the more time you have to figure yourself out as a person and spiritual being. You’re free from others’ judgments and opinions so you’re also free of fighting the innate ability of being one with the universe. Discomfort comes from association to negative stigmas. This also means learning to be at ease around entities that aren’t physical which is probably the biggest obstacle.
2. CRY! – This release of emotion should not be equated to weakness. Crying is a form of cleanse and once it’s all out and you’ve hit “rock bottom”, there’s only one place to go from there. Crying is submission to a higher power, losing control for the better good. Realizing your lack of control is a scary reality, but fulfilling once you’re flowing with the current instead of against.
3. Be Still For 5 Freaking Seconds – Which is terribly hard to accomplish while 10 apps’ notifications need to be checked, your love is mentioning you’ve done something that ticked him/her off, and you need to complete a work-based task with an uncompromising deadline! Just stop. Close your eyes. Ask the power that is higher than you for peace, and spiritual you will take the wheel. Most of us recognize this as prayer or meditation. If you’re not into titles just be still, dammit.
4. Breathe – The more we learn to do this, the better choices we make as a whole because we trust our intuition. We’re humans in the age of technology. We react quickly because we feel as though if we don’t, there’s someone who will faster, and better than us. If being still for five freaking seconds isn’t your thing, at least learn how to focus on, then control your breathing and reboot from there.
5. Try Eating Less Things With A Heartbeat – The road to spirituality starts with alignment in thy self. That would seem a little hard to do when consuming the core of other living beings. There’s a direct correlation between vegans and spirituality. Not to say give up your life and go hug a tree, but too much of anything is detrimental.


Quasia Elle is a Millennial writer from New York. Be sure to check out her Tumblr and follow her on Twitter.

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