12 Types of Purses Every Wardrobe Needs

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Purses are one of the most common accessories that women use to complete their look. Whether you’re out for a night on the town or just running some errands, there is always something stylish and functional about carrying around your purse. But what type of purse should you choose?


Here Are 12 Different Types Of Purses So That You Can Decide Which One Suits Your Style Best!


1.Tote Bag

Totes are one of the most spacious types of purses, which is why they’re such a great option for carrying groceries and other items! 

This style has longer handles like shoulder bags but without as much structure or shape to them. 

It’s also made up of two pieces which make it easier to organize your belongings such as mobile devices, credit cards with this guide to credit card readers, lip gloss; you name it, it fits inside.


2. Wristlet Purse

A wristlet is a small, mostly flat bag that can be worn around your wrist like a bracelet. Wristlets are great for when you want to keep things simple and chic!


3. Crossbody Purse

This kind of purse usually drapes across your body diagonally and hangs close to your hip area – perfect if you’re always on the go! 

They usually have one strap that goes over your shoulder and another part attached near where they meet in front. These purses come in many styles, like backpack straps which make them super comfortable when you’re on the go.

Crossbody purses are typically large enough to fit more items than just the basics, but they’re still petite enough not to get in the way too much!


4. Shoulder Bag

This handbag is both casual and sleek, giving you a nice modern look that can be worn with anything from jeans to business attire. 

In addition, they come in every style, like drawstring closures or magnetic snaps, making them very versatile – something everyone loves! The strap usually has a drop of around 12-14 inches.


5. Messenger Purse

Messenger bags sit across your body and rest on one hip with long straps that hang diagonally over your torso. They’re similar in shape and size to saddlebags but typically have fewer pockets or compartments than those do! 

The most beneficial part about these bags is that you can carry them in different ways because the strap is adjustable and removable!


6. Fanny Pack

Fannies are an excellent option for when you’re going out on the town because they don’t get in your way at all. You can carry it around like a belt or throw it over one shoulder, but be careful not to knock people with it! 

Also, they typically have smaller compartments than other types of purses, so make sure you only bring the essentials if that’s what you choose to go with.


7. Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags look similar to fannies, except they close via drawstrings along the top instead of zippers or snaps. 

These purses usually sit more comfortably around hips and thighs rather than waistlines depending on how much content is inside them. 


8. Hobo Purse

Hobos are one of the most classic styles when it comes to purses. They typically have a slouchy appearance and usually consist of two pieces which make them look roomier inside. 

In addition, the top piece is often left open so that everything can be easily accessible!


9. Bucket Bag

If you’re looking to carry around your laptop or any other larger essentials, then consider this kind of handbag which usually opens up like a hobo satchel allowing you to fit all the necessities inside! 

It usually comes in just one color but sometimes may be embellished with metallic hardware or other accessories.

This type of purse is easy to carry and very stylish, making it perfect if you want something that can hold everything from books to shoes – yep, shoes too!


10. Evening Bag

The evening bag is a little different from a clutch. While it may look small, this type of handbag can fit all the essentials you need for going out to dinner with your friends or family. It also has two handles and often closes by being held together with rings at the top (usually gold).


11. Satchel Purse

If you want to add an edge to your outfit, consider the satchel purse as it’s one of the most stylish kinds around. 

These kinds of bags have two handles and are worn over the shoulder. They come in every style but are often embellished with studs or chains for a more edgy look.


12. Envelope Clutch

The envelope clutch literally looks like an oversized leather envelope, except this one can fit your phone, wallet, and keys inside! These kinds of purses are popular with all ages because they come in every style, like studs, chains, or plain leather.

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