4 Easy Ways to Achieve Minimalism in Your Home

There is something to be said for the minimalist approach. After all, it’s about shedding extraneous items and surrounding ourselves not only with just the essentials but things chosen for the beauty as well as their utility. Of course, many people think that a minimalist home is beyond what they can achieve, but that isn’t the case.

In fact, everyone can create a stylish, minimal approach in the living space. You can even get some easy suggestions on how to do this in my post below. 


1. Use a single base color for everything 


Rooms decorated in monotone is something that we are very used to seeing in minimalist spaces. The effect being one of calming flow between each piece and feature in the room. 


In fact, many householders choose to use a lighter shade including bright white when decorating in a minimalist style. The reason being that it reflects light and makes a space seem larger. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that most furniture items are viable in white as well. Something that can make it much easier to find pieces that fit the style of your space. 

2. Pare back your possessions.


Once you have the color scheme of the room down, it’s time to decide what possessions to populate it with. Of course, the idea of minimalism is that you only have the bare minimum that you need. 


What that means is that any clutter needs to be eradicated, or either hidden away, something you can read more about in the last section of this post. Luckily, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of items you need to sort through, there are some tools you can use to help. One being the Kon Marie approach, which provides both a practical and a spiritual attitude to pairing down our possessions.  



3. Choose simple, yet stunning items 


Just because you are aiming to get rid of things first, doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have to buy anything for that space ever again. The key thing here to remember is that before you buy, you must ascertain whether you really need an item, and not just desire it. 


Once you have this sorted, you can invest in some simple, functional items like these Ceramic Mugs which would be perfect for a minimalist space. The kicker is that they are also aesthetically pleasing and come in a range of muted tones. Something that means you can inject a little subtle color and variety into your living space, without overwhelming it’s minimalist styling. 


4. Hide what you don’t need or love  


Finally, when it comes to minimalism, you will have things you need to use, but that you won’t out on show. To that end, you must maximize the storage you have in your home, so such things can be tucked safely away.

In fact, for a minimalist living space to work effectively, it smart to invest in hidden storage spaces such as under the bed, stairs, and even under seating as well.

The reason being this will allow you to keep your home clutter-free, but also ensures it is as functional as possible for your life.

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