2 Ways to Make Your Home More Child Friendly

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It can be difficult to decorate when you have children and still express your tastes. Whether your home has been overtaken by toys and tiny shoes, or you’ve had to make compromises to make sure your decor is child-friendly and safe, then you might think your home can’t be stylish too. A lot of parents think that when you have children, you have to give up chic decor and the fun of decorating your home. 



In fact, while you will have to take some precautions like being careful with sharp corners and breakable items, you can create a child-friendly space that is still stylish. Children are an excellent excuse to play with bright colors and patterns, and other decor touches that you wouldn’t normally try. Try some of these child-friendly decor touches in your home. 


1. Living Room

When you’re trying to decorate your living room to suit your family, you should start with the biggest pieces of furniture first. Start with something you will all use, like the sofa. Opt for a large sectional, so everyone has room to sit and relax together. Kids will love a big sofa, as it gives them more cushions to make forts with too!


After you’ve chosen a sofa, move on to any other seating that you can into the room. What would appeal to your children? Bean bag chairs are fun and make a living room feel really cozy. The children will love using them to sit in while they read or watch the television. 


Even if you only have one child, extra seating is a good idea. Your child is bound to bring other children over at some point. Playdates and sleepovers mean you need more options for seating that can be moved around as you need them. Bean bags and poufs are the ideal solutions for this. They can be tucked away, such as under the coffee table, when you don’t need them, and pulled out when you do. 


Living rooms get a lot of use. With kids, the living room needs to host crafts, snacks, and movie nights, all in one space. This can mean a high risk of spills and accidents. It can be smart to take advice from a guide to Waterproof Flooring, or at least choose a durable, easy-to-clean rug. 


Child-friendly decor doesn’t have to stop where they can reach. Curate a fun gallery wall with bright prints to show off your family’s fun side. 


If your home is smaller and the living room also has to function as the playroom, then choose multi-function furniture to make the room feel larger. For example, buy a coffee table that can also be a play table. Choose some good ways to store your children’s toys too. There are lots of different options, but one of the simplest solutions is a cube bookshelf that can be used for toys and books, with the top shelves used to store things for the grown-ups in the house. 


Turn your existing bookshelves into useful storage. Turn them into child-friendly storage with baskets and boxes. By doing this, you can curate what can and can’t be seen. Hide away toys and clutter, and leave ornaments and other adult things on display to make your room feel more put together. 


2. Dining Room

When you’re designing a dining room that works for a family, a breakfast nook bench can be a good idea. When children are small, it can make mealtimes simpler, and when you have teenagers, it provides plenty of seating. 


If you’ve bought a high chair for your toddler that doesn’t go with your existing chairs, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to replace all your chairs. Instead, why not just paint them and the highchair so they do match? You can buy the highchair you want and not spend a lot of money hunting for the right color. While you’re choosing chairs, look for a child-friendly option. Open legs leave more floor space for your child to play.


Some children can be easily distracted at mealtimes. If you want them to focus on their food, try to keep the bright, distracting decor to a minimum. Keep your decor choices simple, with plain walls, tables, and chairs, so your kids can concentrate on their meal, instead of what they can see. To add some pretty detail that won’t be distracting, hang some string lighting to brighten up the room and add a fun feel to your dining room. 


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