2020 design trends

Home Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2020 

Despite the recent decline in US housing starts, the construction statistics of single-family housing units managed to record an increase at 1.3 percent. While the home building industry remains volatile at the moment, predictions about the upcoming trends in home designs for 2020 may prove that there are high hopes for the housing market in the coming years.

Some of the projected trends are more environment-friendly. Others can make a home look more inviting. Here are some of the predicted home design trends that could prevail next year.


1. Sustainable Buildings Are Still In

In the US, trusted construction firms are still hired to build green establishments using sustainable materials. Experts from Magnum Builders believe that minimizing the environmental hazards of home construction can ensure the durability and comfort of those who will live inside and outside the property. A building contractors’ association also believe that there will be more projects that will require them to use green materials.

More self-sustaining buildings are also projected to be built in the coming years. Because of the growing number of clients who want to live in green homes, the trend in LEED-certified construction will continue to increase.

2. Industrial-Themed Homes Prevail

Expect to see more establishments built using combined materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, and recycled plastics. This means that there will be a significant decrease in construction costs. The popularity of industrial-themed homes became widespread because of its simple, no-frills lines. It also has bare, open elements that give it a distinctive style.


3. Kitchen As The Heart Of The Home

Most families spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else at home. This is the place where they prepare their food, share their meals, and bond with everyone over dessert or a good cup of coffee. For this reason, we can expect to see more home builders placing more emphasis on kitchen design.

They may expand its dimensions and link it with both the living and the dining rooms for added space. They could also include a multi-purpose central island, which can serve as both a preparation area and a breakfast bar, visually dividing the kitchen from the lounge. Beyond this, they may also incorporate classic or modern kitchen designs, depending on the personality of the homeowner.

Aside from these emerging trends, the new year could see an increase in homeowners asking their builders to create a more spacious and relaxing bathroom. They may also wish for balconies and terraces installed with glass enclosures, or glass curtains to allow them to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Other home design trends may also come out in 2020 to encourage the growth of the US home building industry once again.

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