3 High Tech Pampering Options To Give This Holiday Season

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Giving gifts this year is trickier than it has been in the past. For some of us, the family Christmas will be postponed this year, or at least considerably slimmed down. For others, the option to travel will be removed, and we may be about to experience a Zoom-assisted festive season. Either way, it’s going to hit different this year, and that’s going to take some getting used to. 


For many of us, there is the possible upside that there will almost certainly be less of the more unpopular festive traditions, like cramming yourself into a packed store along with hundreds of other people all thinking the same thing: “Where do I even start to find gifts when I can’t even see the shelves?”. This year, your holiday shopping should definitely be done online, and you might as well do it ASAP. In fact, given the potential for delays in delivery, doing it right now is a very good idea.


Here, we are going to look at one of the enduring categories for Christmas gifts – beautifying and pampering options. More specifically, we’ll address the more high-tech end of the market – because while your grateful recipient might already have plenty of pampering stuff, an innovative gadget will always be a left-field option.


1. Makeup airbrushes


The complex – and often arduous – process of putting on makeup can turn one of the classic pampering routines into one of the most exhausting. If you’re doing a family conference call this Christmas, the chances are that it’s going to be a video call. That means that people are going to need to spend a bit of time in makeup – so why not give your beauty-conscious relative a makeup airbrush that removes much of the fuss from the process?


Ideal for a range of skin tones, airbrush makeup really is a perfect answer for the holiday season. It’s resistant to tears – which are rarely far from the surface for good or for bad – and it looks great on camera. If you’re celebrating with your pod, and physical contact is therefore permitted, then the good news is that airbrushed makeup is also transfer-resistant. So you won’t be leaving half of your face on anyone’s Christmas sweater; it’s hug-proof.


2. A plug-in facial


Trips to the dermatologist have been limited this year, for good reason – but it’s had an impact for many of us, who have been doing the best we can with over-the-counter tools and YouTube guides to help rejuvenate our facial skin. The benefits of an LED treatment mask will not be lost on anyone who has realized how much of a difference regular treatments make. It’s a chance to look and feel younger in next to no time at all.


The importance of keeping your skin feeling more elastic goes beyond the merely cosmetic. A mask will stimulate production of collagen and elastin, which means you’ll feel fresher and more awake. It can’t be overestimated how useful this will be during a time when you’re liable to move between hot and cold temperatures, which can be very drying and harsh on the most delicate skin anywhere on your body.


3. An eye massager


It’s been a long year, and aches and pains have been a part of it for many of us. If you own a massager, chances are you’ve been getting plenty of use out of it as tension builds up between shoulder blades and in the lower back area. The thing is, it’s not just from the neck down that a massage would be welcome after this latest exhausting trip around the sun. Many of us have seen our sleep seriously disrupted, and as a consequence feel puffy-eyed all the time.


This makes an eye massager a very useful tool to have. Working like an eye mask, but with more in-depth effectiveness, this pampering gift will be greatly welcomed by any relative who is a front-line worker and has been burning the midnight oil for much of the year. It can also do a lot to reduce the tension headaches that result from sitting in front of screens for hours on end – which is, let’s face it, how a lot of us have spent the year both at work and at home.



The gift of pampering is one which will keep on giving long beyond the season. You will know better than anyone which of your friends and relatives will most appreciate these options – but it’s a safe bet that we could all benefit from a bit more pampering every once in a while.

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