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3 Home Maintenance Repairs You Don’t Want to Do Yourself

When you are a householder, there is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with. Yes, that’s right, you not only have to live in your home but take care of it as well. Of course, for the most part, that involves less tiresome tasks such as keeping it tidy and decorating it with your eye for style. However, there are some home maintenance tasks that are anything but fun! A topic you can read more on, and find out how to deal with in my post below. 

1. Pest removal 


Whether its mice, wasps, or roaches most people would rather limit their interaction with pests in the home, as much as humanly possible. Of course, they will need to be removed, because pest can be a source of contamination and disease, and can make the very place you spend most of your time dangerous to your health. 


Luckily, you do have options here, including buying pest removal products like traps or chemicals and having a go yourself. Of course, if you want the safest and most effective results, employing a professional pest removal firm is likely to be your best bet. This option being the one that has the added bonus of not having to get up close and personal to the rodents or creepy crawlies either. 


2. Chimney and fireplace cleaning 


Not everyone is blessed with an open fireplace around which to snuggle up during the cold winter evenings in their homes. Although those that are, often feel such a feature is a mixed blessing at best. The reason being that they also have to keep the fireplace and chimney clean for it to work effectively, and to ensure they retain excellent air quality within the home as well. The latter being something that is essential for the health of those that live there. 


Now, it is entirely possible to equip yourself with the right brushes and kit and clean your chimney yourself. However, if we are being realistic here, it is much less hassle and makes a lot less mess to find a professional Chimney Sweep to do the job for you instead. Something that won’t be too difficult to do, as there should actually many people that specialize in doing this task in your local area that you can ask to visit your home. 


3. Upstairs window cleaning 


Of course, it is not that you can’t do this task yourself if you really want to, it’s just it can be one of the more dangerous home maintenance jobs there are. After all, combing working at height with soap and water is never good. 



Happily, there are a few different options to consider here, one being using a professional window cleaning company for this task. You can, however, have a go yourself if you have a power washer as this should allow you to stay firmly in the ground and still get a good result. Just be sure that you close those windows up beforehand, or the inside of your home may get an unexpected wash as well! Restoration companies offer a ton of help as well! 

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