3 Household Chores To Tackle Now

We all lead busy lives, we seem to be constantly juggling one thing or another. We bounce from work to family to friends to just getting out there and living our lives. In the meantime, various chores and tasks can build up at home. They are niggling at us in the backs of our minds as we know that we really should sort them, there just never seems to be enough time. Well, today we want to help you to feel more organized as we share with you 3 household tasks worth tackling. 


1. Have a declutter session.


If you have not had a declutter session around your home for a while, then it is probably time to do so. 


Before grabbing those boxes and trash bags, you are going to want to make a plan for this one. Think about how you are going to tackle it, perhaps room by room or you might want to work with certain items. 


As you are working your way through you should find that you are accruing plenty to either donate or throw away and in doing so, you will be freeing up space. 


By the time that you have finished this, your home should be tidy and you will know where every single thing is. There should be room to put everything away so you can be confident that your home will always be tidy. 


2. Tick off that task list.


Everyone has a list of jobs that they could do with getting done around the home. These things usually require getting some outside help, making a few calls and booking appointments. It can often feel like a hassle to get all of this done, so it remains on that list. Why not start getting things ticked off that task list this month? 


Start by writing down everything that you could do with organizing. With everything laid out in front of you, you can start working out which ones are the priorities. 


You probably have a few maintenance jobs that you need to do. You might need to look into window cleaning services or perhaps you need to hire a landscaping company for your garden. You might then have some one-off jobs that require attention, perhaps a slipped roof tile or heating repairs. Make those calls and work your way through the list. 


3. Go through your household bills.


This one is never an exciting task, yet it can make a real difference to your outgoings every month so it is worth taking some time out to complete. We would all be happier lowering our budgets and freeing up more money to save or spend. 


To do this one thoroughly, get your latest bank statement and look at every single outgoing there. You can then start to work out whether that bill is still necessary or whether you can cut down in a few areas. You might spot a gym membership that you no longer make use of or maybe you buy a couple of coffees every day and you could take one out with you on your commute. 


If the bill is necessary, then can you switch it to a different deal or provider and pay less? This is often a painless way to save money every month. 

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