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UR GOALS: 3 Ways to Make the Most Of Networking

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UR GOALS: 3 Ways to Make the Most Of Networking

Written by Chi Chi Okezie 

We all know the importance of networking. It’s important to get out there, building your brand and make connections. Unfortunately, there are times when we end up not being satisfied with our networking outcomes. This can make us discouraged, shying away from networking and not taking full advantage of its benefits. I believe the biggest problem that we face in networking is the follow up. We do not follow through with building those key and valuable relationships.

I have come up with some useful and practical tips for getting rid of those networking hang ups and following up like a pro!

1. Follow Up Quickly.
Do not leave your networking up to chance. Follow up as soon as possible. Make sure that you send out a meaningful message that has a call to action. Tailor the message so that it is specific to that particular person. Include a topic that you talked about, a mutual friend or a common interest. In the message, make a request to meet up, do mutual business or further connect.

2. Share Valuable Info.
I always associate networking with building your personal brand and marketing yourself. Position yourself as the expert in your field and share valuable information. Send out a link for a good book/article, upcoming event or offer a lead for doing business. Be network minded and focus on growing your contacts and resource capacities.

3. Be Strategic.
Have a plan and goal for your networking and development. Pick networking events that can advance your endeavors. Carefully choose places where you can meet the right people to help you in your career path or promote you in social circles. When you have a mission, you are most likely to align and attract the right people to get your goals accomplished.

Use these tips and advice to move your networking in the right direction and shine like the superstar you are!

Chi Chi Okezie is owner/producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC in Atlanta, GA. Chi Chi is an entrepreneur, consultant and author specializing in business networking and cultural awareness. She blogs as the: “Champion Networker”, hosts the monthly Power Networking Breakfast and publishes online networking articles. Chi Chi is a recipient of the 40 Under 40 Award by Connect Magazine and Rejuvenate Magazine for 2013. Connect with Chi Chi @snseminars and

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