3 Mental Health Pick Me Ups

If you are struggling with your mental health, you might not necessarily feel like you need a trip to the doctors for medication or counselling. While you may be feeling a little stressed, you don’t feel depressed. While you are feeling low, you don’t think intrusive thoughts. And while you might be anxious, you aren’t having panic attacks. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be forced to live with your imperfect mental well being. There are things that you can do to help clarify your thoughts, recharge your batteries, refocus and cleanse your mind. Take a look at these mental health positivity boosters that can help enhance your mood.


1. Yoga


If you have never encountered yoga before, now’s the time to give it a go. While it once belonged in the realm of dreadlocked hippies, yoga is now becoming more gentrified with all races, classes and genders partaking in a spot of yoga now and then. Even if you can’t attend a class, just learning a few postures from YouTube can help relax you and enable you to learn positive breathing techniques. Becoming more supple, focusing on your inner core and thinking about very little can lower your blood pressure and have you feeling more positive. When you wake up in the morning, do a spot of downward dog and feel happy to face the day.


2. Fun


It’s important to find time to have fun. You might fancy doing something a little out there and venturing to PsychicGuild to have a free reading with pals. Or perhaps you fancy going to a funfair. Or maybe you are partial to a spot of bungee jumping. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy or where you get your thrills, allocating some time each month to do something that you enjoy can make you feel more positive and take your mind away from your worries, even for just a short while.


3. Job


Sometimes, our jobs can make us feel overwhelmed, stressed or worried. We may become anxious if we have an important presentation to prepare for. Or perhaps you are struggling to meet unrealistic targets set by your overbearing boss. Trying to find a way out from your job can be tricky, especially when you have responsibilities and you can’t just resign. You need to allocate some time to put your resume up on online job boards. Be proactive and network at local industry events. Put the feelers out and make positive steps towards changing your career.


Some people are even more proactive and take it upon themselves to launch their own startup. This means you can continue working in your chosen industry but you can take your little book of contacts and work for yourself rather than lining the pocket of a corporate fat cat.


Being the master of your own destiny, doing what you love and partaking in a spot of yoga are three key facets of living your best life. Follow this guide and you can boost your mental health.

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