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3 Places In Your Home That You Probably Forgot To Clean

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Cleaning your home is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner or tenant. It will help it look better, make it a safer place to be, and reduce the spread of germs. It’ll also bring a sense of peace to your space.

While most of us regularly clean our kitchen, our floors and our bathrooms, there are some places many don’t think to clean. They might be out of the way, very small, too high, or simply out of sight. 

These places can often remain uncleaned for weeks, months, or even years. That is a long time, and a lot of issues can arise if they don’t get cleaned on a regular basis. With that in mind, here are a few places in your home you likely aren’t cleaning but should be.

Bathroom and Kitchen Drains

When cleaning your home, the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common and important rooms to clean. However, you are likely forgetting to regularly clean your drains. These places can get full of hair, food, soap, and other debris, all of which can lead to clogging or smelling horrible.

As a result, be sure to clean your drains every once in a while. There are many tools and ways to do this, but you generally want to avoid using chemical drain cleaners. While you could attempt to do it yourself, it is often a better idea to bring in a company that offers professional drain cleaning. They will ensure the job is done right, and will ensure nothing is damaged or broken in the process.

Your Baseboards

While cleaning the walls and floors in your home is common, many people forget to clean the areas where they meet. Cleaning your baseboards is an important part of keeping your room clean. They can collect a lot of dirt and dust, and look awful if you’re not careful.

Thankfully, cleaning your baseboards isn’t a job that should take a lot of time or energy. It  is quite easy and can be done with little more than a household cleaning solution, water, some clean rags, and potentially a vacuum to get any larger pieces of debris. Once they are clean, every room in your home will look a little bit better. If you clean them every month, it will be easier to maintain. If they are left for months, it can be a more labored process.

Your Mattress

While most people wash their sheets weekly, many people do not regularly wash their mattresses. You may think that cleaning your sheets is enough, but that’s not always the case. The oils from your body, spills, and other dirt can often leak through the sheets, onto your mattress.

As a result, it is a good idea to clean your mattress every once in a while. As far as how you can clean your mattress, there are a few ways. If you want to clean your mattress naturally, it can be done by simply vacuuming the mattress, sprinkling some baking soda, and treating any stains. This will help your mattress both look and smell fresher, and any stains can be dealt with. Also, using a mattress protector over your mattress is a good idea, too.

Helping You Have the Cleanest House Possible

We hope these tips have been able to help you truly ensure your home is clean. Drains, baseboards, and mattresses are just a few of the many often-forgotten places you need to be sure to clean on a regular basis.

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