3 Practical Kitchen Design Tips

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. If the amount of use that a room gets has anything to do with it, then it is easy to see why it gets the name. But having a kitchen that is practical, will help you make the most out of the space and make the time there so much more enjoyable and fun. Experts will say that when you are redesigning a kitchen, you need to put function first. All kitchens are different shapes, and you do have to work with that you have got. So here are some things that you can do that can help you to do just that.


1. Make Room For Storage


One of the biggest mistakes that can happen when you are planning your kitchen design is that you don’t allow enough room for any storage. So if you are working with kitchen remodel companies, make sure that you let them know storage is what you want. It is a good idea to make sure that you use all nooks and crannies. Using the vertical space too, like using your ceiling height for cabinets, rather than leaving a gap. You could also look into getting deep drawers that will help for easier access to things like pots and pans. Having some storage for appliances is a good idea, otherwise they can just end up cluttering up countertops.


2. Rethink Lighting


Unlike any other rooms in the home, you need to rethink lightning in a kitchen. One light in the center of the home won’t be enough in a kitchen. In your kitchen, you don’t want to have light that is behind you, as it will cast a shadow onto your workspace. This isn’t going to be a good thing when you’re looking to clean and wash up either; you need good light. So make sure that you have some light that is positioned to fall right in front of you. So this means that you might need quite a lot of lighting. Getting under-cabinet lighting can also be a benefit because they will shine directly onto countertops.


3. Practical Plugs


In order to make sure that your home is as practical as possible, one solution is making sure that there are many appropriate power sources for all of the appliances that you need to use. Many people often realize this kind of thing too late, and then they don’t have enough of the right gas or electric lines. It is also a good idea to look at measuring appliances to make sure that they will fit comfortably into the spaces that you have. If something like a dishwasher is crammed in, then it will be pushed up against the hose at the back and could lead to damage and leaks. So planning it all ahead of time, can make things much easier. 


These are just a few things to think about that can help to make the kitchen more practical. But planning ahead and knowing what you want your kitchen to look like at the end of it is a must.


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