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3 Reasons Your Home Is Always Cold

It’s officially fall and the winter season will soon spread its chill around your neighborhood. While the air will be chilly outside, you can still enjoy the reassuring presence of the warmth inside your home. With the central heating turned on or with a real fire blasting away on your hearth, you will be able to put your feet up in comfort.


Or will you?


If your home is always cold, despite having some semblance of heating, then there has to be a problem somewhere. To ensure you aren’t forced to dress up like a snowman (or snowwoman) inside of your home during the chilly days ahead, let’s consider why your home isn’t as warm as it should be. 


#1: Heat Isn’t Allowed to Get Through


If you are reliant on heat from your vents and radiators, then it’s important to make sure they aren’t being obstructed. If your furniture is placed in such a way as to restrict the warm airflow, then your home will naturally remain cold. So, look for every vent and radiator in the rooms you regularly use and maximise these heat sources by removing or reordering any piece of furniture that could be causing the problem.


#2: Your Home Is In Need of Repair


Newer builds are often airtight, so if you’re living in a reasonably modern home, this might not apply to you. However, if you are living in an older property, there might be hidden issues that are allowing the cold air in, and the warm air of your home to seep out.


You need to don your Sherlock Holmes hat (not literally) and investigate. Check for gaps within your window frames, and if cold air is coming through, seal them with caulk. If your windows are showing signs of major disrepair, you might want to replace them with double-glazed or triple-glazed alternatives. Not only will this insulate your home, but with stronger glass, you are keeping your home safe from burglars too. 


Then check your doors. If drafts are coming through, it might be time to replace your door frames, or even the doors themselves. On the other hand, weather-stripping your doors might be the logical answer, so check the linked article for some useful advice on how to do so.


Then consider your roof. If you haven’t had it inspected recently, then it could be worth your while calling out a roofing company to give it the once-over. It might be that there are loose tiles or cracks on your roof exterior that are responsible for your cold home. A roofing professional will make the necessary repairs to seal any problem gaps.


#3: Your Home Isn’t Insulated


By taking the steps in our previous point, you are going in the right direction when it comes to insulating your home. However, there are other steps you can take. So, you might opt for a loft or basement insulation, as this will prevent heat from escaping your property. And you might want to consider underfloor and cavity wall insulation too. Despite the expense, your home will be toasty warm if you do, and in the long-term, you will save money on your energy bills. Contact the relevant professionals if your home is currently without sufficient insulation.


So, are these the reasons why your home is always cold? Follow our suggestions if so, and give yourself the opportunity to fully enjoy your home this chilly season and beyond.

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