3 Reasons You’re An Awful Cook

Have you ever uttered the words ‘I can’t cook’ when asked to host a dinner party, or simply switch to healthier eating habits in your daily life? Heck, perhaps you even believe it’s true, having experienced disasters in your early student lifestyle. But, we’re here with a newsflash; there’s no such thing as an inherently lousy chef. 


Like everything else, cooking is a skill that can be learned by even the most seemingly inept starters. As such, there’s no real reason why you should avoid hitting the kitchen every once in a while. We aren’t saying you need to be the new Nigella, but is whipping up a decent salad once in a while such a large ask? 


In truth, overcoming your ‘bad’ cooking processes is usually a case of facing this issue head-on, and considering the following reasons why you haven’t gelled with your kitchen thus far. 


1. You’ve never taken the time to find decent recipes.


In most skills, we understand the need to try out a few techniques. Yet, with cooking, we’re far more liable to attempt one bad recipe and assume the issue lays within. Guess what, though? Even the best cooks trip up on terrible recipes once in a while. As such, this is certainly no reason to hang up your apron! Instead, keep searching until you find easy-to-understand, step-by-step recipes like this dish on The Mediterranean Dish blog. YouTube videos are also helpful, as they provide visual guidance every step of the way. As simple as that, you may find that you boss your next meal, and start building a portfolio of recipes that you know you can make well.


2. You’ve avoided practice. 


No one enjoys something they think they’re bad at, but this alone could be behind your kitchen setbacks. After all, practice is just as inherent to cooking as anything else, and it’s no wonder you struggle if you avoid it. Sadly, there’s no ‘easy’ way around this. You’ll just need to set aside some time to get cooking when there’s no pressure on the outcome. Once you get into your stride, you might well find that you start having fun, after all, especially when you produce some half-way decent meals as a result!


3. Your palette isn’t quite there yet.



If you’ve done all the above and your food still lacks something, the problem may be with your palette. A decent cook needs to be able to pinpoint flavors, and recognize what’s lacking as necessary. Again, this is something that comes with practice, but it also comes with eating good food. Though it may seem counter-productive, our last tip is, therefore, to eat out at top restaurants around you on occasion. Get to know the tastes top chefs use, then think about creative ways you can utilize them in your own cooking. Over time, this alone should lead you to create restaurant-standard flavors that knock that ‘can’t cook’ attitude out the door for good.


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