3 Relationship Killers and How To Avoid Them

Throughout the many decades, since modern psychology filtered into society, relationship issues have been right near the top in terms of topics we find most interesting and relatable. Thankfully, we know a lot about how men and women think as well as behave when they’re in an intimate relationship.

It’s something that has fascinated experts for many years and now finally, with books, videos, films, case studies, journals, statistics and more, we can dispel a few myths and shed light on some issues. We would most like to know, why we’re on a rocky road in our relationships. Things that concern our love lives, occupy our attention the most in this field. But there’s no one solution for every situation. 


1. The ‘Pull You Down’ Type.

You have to realize, that even while in an intimate relationship, some people have self-worth issues. It’s prevalent in some women, to be afraid that their boyfriend or husband is going to leave them if they become successful. It’s often called a ‘dream-killer’ relationship, whereby one person will stop the other from pursuing something in their professional life that means a lot to them. It can be that the woman has found a career she loves, but her boyfriend is trying to stop her from working late to get ahead.

This is something that you must put an end too quickly before it actually affects your job. At the heart of it, it’s about control. It might seem like a self-esteem issue at first and some of them are, but in most cases, they feel that the more independent and successful you become, the less say they will have in your life. Talk to them about how important your career is and mold your life around it so you still have time for each other.



2. Boredom and Frustration.


When you’ve been with someone for many years, it’s natural to kind of get bored. Ask any old married couple, they’ve said all they want to say to each other, so most of the time, they keep quiet around each other. For young couples that have been together for many years, this can turn into boredom instead of just an accepted way of life. In that case, you really need to seek marital counseling before boredom turns into frustration. They offer help for spouses that hardly talk to each other and if they do, it’s always about something negative. It might also be that one or perhaps both partners are afraid to speak to each other. In other words, their past dealings have shown them not to be confident in bringing up issues that bother them.


3. In-laws Trouble.


Trouble with the in-laws is stereotypical but for many people, it’s the reality they live in. If you’re having issues with the parents of your partner, this can bleed out into arguments in your relationship. The key is to keep family matters out of your lives as much as possible even though it’s sometimes unavoidable. Being honest, and not afraid to hurt someone’s feelings is the best long-term solution.


Marital issues are perhaps the most complex and indeed serious because they are sometimes legally worrying. But you can seek counseling as your solution option, and spout your frustrations honestly.

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