3 Signs You’re Prioritizing Your Home Improvement All Wrong

As every homeowner knows, there’s always something else that needs doing. Even if your house was fresh and ready to go when you moved in, it probably wasn’t long until you spotted issues, or just fancied a change. And, by the time you’ve completed one round of improvements, it’s almost always time to tackle another. Such is the responsibility of having your name on that lease!


Still, if you’ve spent every weekend for the past year or more tied up with home improvements, it’s a sure sign you’re doing something wrong. Obviously, issues here can vary a great deal depending on your approach and your property, but a simple problem with prioritizing is perhaps the worst culprit of all. 


After all, ordering your home improvements all wrong can see you wasting time, undoing good work, and ultimately struggling to get the space you want. Keep reading for some sure signs that this is your setback, after all.



1. You’re starting with interiors.


Our home interiors are often a priority considering that we have to look at and live in them. Yet, when it comes down to it, exterior improvements are nearly always a better place to start. After all, an outside leak could damage your new decor to the point where it needs redoing in no time, anyway.

Make sure that doesn’t happen by considering the best new windows or these 6 valuable tips for choosing the best roofing company from day one. Then, you can ensure that your home haven is protected from all the elements, finally leaving you free to tackle inside appearances. 


2. You’re focusing on style over substance.


Along the same lines, many of us choose to get stylish in our rooms before we consider things like renovation or our actual living needs. Home design trends are forever tempting, after all, and who knows how long a total kitchen renovation might take? For now, wouldn’t it be best to simply get the space looking how you want it? Perhaps not. While extreme practical alterations can take a while, they tend to be pretty messy, and you can bet that any existing decor will need redoing. By focusing on decorating first, you therefore double the effort that you need to put into this space — all for no real reward.


3. You’re trying to tackle everything at once.


On the outset, it can seem like tackling various home improvements at once will save you time. A little here, a little there, and you’ll surely be good to go. But, this rarely works. Instead, juggling multiple improvement priorities often leads to less than ideal living conditions, and projects that take a lot longer to manage.

Instead, you could halve the time everything takes by just focusing on one thing, developing a decent plan, and getting clear on timelines from the very start. It’ll save you time, and it could just mean that you complete everything with a little time to spare before your desire to improve starts playing you up again.


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