3 Things To Consider Regarding Travel During the Age of Covid 19

If you loved to travel before the lockdowns started, then you’re probably just itching to go out again and explore the world. While many parts of the world shun travel and have been taking measures to prevent people from coming in or going out of the country, there are also other parts of the world that are still open to travel.

Of course, these areas are still going to have strict safety measures when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19. You may find yourself in quarantine for a while and you’ll likely be asked to wear a mask throughout your flight, coach or train. Despite that, it’s important to remember that travel isn’t impossible and if you’re looking forward to a small break, you still have plenty of options to pick from.


1. You should lower your expectations for most destinations.


Although it’s perfectly acceptable to travel nowadays (assuming your country allows it) you shouldn’t expect the ultimate travel experience. Yes, there are some locations that are going to be empty and could give you a unique look at popular tourist destinations that are now quiet due to the pandemic. However, there are also many locations that are going to be closed because there’s no staff around. Keep your expectations low and don’t fly off to another country expecting complete freedom because you’re a tourist.


2. Make sure you check for any travel restrictions for the destination you want to visit.


Do your research before you book a flight. Travel agents and airlines aren’t going to check these for you. They might give you a warning to check your country’s travel restrictions, but that’s about it. You’re mostly on your own when it comes to checking for travel restrictions. This will ensure that you don’t end up flying to someplace that will quarantine you for two weeks or even turn you away because you don’t have a valid reason to be in the country.


3. Plan your journey ahead of time and look at all of the events to see if they’ll be open.


The pandemic has shut down a lot of major tourist attractions, but it’s also closed many locations around the world–some permanently. Make sure you update your knowledge and do some research on all of the places you want to go and the events you want to see. Major attractions such as the Honolulu Orchid Show in Hawaii or the numerous festivals in Japan can attract a lot of people, hence why they might be subject to cancellation or heavy restrictions. It’s best to do your research ahead of time so that you can plan a fun and eventful break without feeling disappointed.


Traveling during the pandemic is shunned by many, but as long as you practice safety measures such as wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands regularly, you can have a surprisingly enjoyable experience. If you really need to get away from your job or country for a few days, then it just might be worth the trip. 

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