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3 Things To Do As Soon As You Get The Keys To Your Home


A new home is a new beginning. It’s a very exciting time when you get the keys to your new property and there’s a world of possibilities ahead of you. What are you going to renovate first? Is it the kitchen? Or is it the living room? But before you start to think about changing the property there are a few essentials that you’ve got to do as soon as you’ve moved in. What are these?


1. Inspect The Place

Inspecting the property inside and out gives you an opportunity to identify any pressing problems in terms of water damage or structural issues that have gone unnoticed. But you’ve also got to think about the security of the place.

When you are going through the property with a fine-tooth comb you’ve got to see if there are parts of the home that could benefit from additional security. You may very well live in a neighborhood where there are a few crimes but not necessarily a huge amount. But if there are thieves making the rounds and they see you with a moving van, they could very well size up your property for their next break-in.

It’s important to check that everything is as secure as possible but also consider calling a locksmith. The fact of the matter is that you don’t know who has access to the property. There could be plenty of people that have copies of the keys and if you don’t know when the locks were changed last you are leaving yourself open to a violation of your privacy.


2. Cleaning The Property.

The best piece of advice anybody can have with regards to a new property is to leave it empty for a week. Giving yourself that time to inspect the property is crucial but once you have had a few days to look for any major issues it’s just easier to give the property a deep clean from top to bottom without boxes getting in the way!

If you’ve got children it also gives you the opportunity to childproof the new place. Because everything has been such a whirlwind you could make a couple of errors of judgment. While you are cleaning the property you can also start to think about a new setup for your furniture. It’s far easier to make the layout without bulky items being in the way! And there’s nothing quite like moving into a sparkling property.


3. Find The Water Valve And The Fuse Box

If you move everything in right away and the power goes after it gets dark do you know where the fuse box is? You need to know where your circuit breaker is and where your main water valve is located in case of emergencies. You may have to shut off the water supply in the short-term if you spot a leak. Remember, it’s your home, so even if the previous owner didn’t label each circuit breaker take the opportunity to do this and make life easier for yourself.

When there’s a water leak or a power cut it’s already stressful but if you can make life easier for yourself by clearly labeling things you won’t feel the pressure when the water pressure goes!


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