3 Tips For What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

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If you have received an invitation to a wedding then one of the first things that will cross your mind is what you are going to wear. After all, it is not only the bride’s day to look fantastic; we all want to make a good impression.


This can be something which is more of a difficult challenge if the wedding is taking place during the winter months. After all, you need to manage the balancing act of staying warm whilst looking stylish at the same time. Nevertheless, do not fear; as that is where this blog post comes in by revealing some top trends and tips for the upcoming winter months which you should certainly consider taking advantage of. 


1. Get the right color for winter

First and foremost, it is all about getting the right color for winter. You don’t want something which is bleak and boring, yet you can’t go for something too bright because your look won’t be appropriate. The key is to go for a color that is dark, yet has a deep richness to it. Colors such as cobalt, wine, chocolate, and plum work really well. Bring them to life with carefully chosen jewelry. Jacob Mercari is a great place for this. Against winter colors, sparkly jewelry looks incredible.


2. What style of dress and what patterns should you choose?

Moreover, you need to decipher what style of dress and what patterns (if any) you are going to opt for. When it comes to style a midi dress almost always wins over a maxi or a mini. A mini is usually inappropriate for a wedding, whereas a maxi is a length that the bride will be wearing. It is also usually the case that midi dresses are a lot sleeker and more sophisticated. 


Furthermore, when it comes to patterns there are several choices that are highly fashionable at the moment. If you want to go for something elaborate that will make a statement then geometric designs are highly stylish. Moreover, if you are looking for something more feminine then floral is always a good option. A final style worth considering is color block dresses, these are more simplistic yet the overlook look is striking.


3. What sort of accessories will you wear?

Another thing that you should consider when deciding on a wedding outfit is your fascinator. This is an accessory that will really give your wedding outfit a show-stopping edge. If you are looking for something on-trend at the moment then you should seek something incorporating feathers.


And finally, remember to wear your outfit with confidence and teamed with a smile and you are assured to look stunning. You may even want to think about getting your hair done in the morning by a professional or even your make-up. After all, we all deserve a bit of a treat and a pamper from time-to-time, don’t we? This will make sure you’re in a great mood for the rest of the day too.


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