3 Tips To Make Your Home More Inviting

Do you catch yourself staring out into the sky wondering what you home would look like if you were in a fairytale? A big castle, large walls around it, big open fields surrounding you and plenty of intricate details like statues and sculptures. Anyone can dream, but you can start making it into a reality.

Let’s leave the fairytale world for a bit and look at what is really possible. Modern and contemporary homes have a wealth of knowledge about interior design that no homes in any other previous era had. Nowadays you are buried neck deep in material options, decor styles, color schemes, lines and shapes as well as spatial design too.

There’s nothing you can implement into your home to bring it closer and closer to your daydream fantasy. Start off with the simple things and just because they’re basic doesn’t mean they won’t leapfrog your home to your vision.


1. A Soft Welcome


Welcome mats are so boring. Some of them a nice and they are purely there to perform a practical need but wouldn’t you much rather have a soft welcome? You can leave the good old welcome mat outside to wipe your shoes on but the landing or entrance hallway should have an amazing Merino wool rug.

Preferably you’d get it in white but since it’s so close to the outdoors you might be best off getting it into a royal blue or a burgundy red. Merino wool is one of if not the best wools that Italy has to offer. It’s incredibly fine, soft and yet remarkably durable.

If you leave your shoes in the landing area, the rug is a nice stepping stone into the closest room. Merino wool also traps heat so it’s great for colder days.

2. Solid As A Rock


Strength in a home is often seen from the outside. When guests pull up to the home, it should look solid as a rock. In fact that’s why we love castle homes, because they are a symbol of strength and safety. In modern times, the best way to make your own home exemplify these traits is to have a well kept roof.

You might not even know you are in need of roof repair, but professionals can see where rainwater erosion has hurt your roof’s integrity. They can also replace damaged shingles with brand new examples. If the rafters are sagging, roof repair experts can level them out to bring the rigidity of the roof up to standard. 


3. A Symbol of Prestige


Whenever you do think of your dream home, the lighting is always such that makes the home look grande and prestigious. The modern day variant of having fire lamps outside the home is to have LED lights that are fixed to the walls and fence or stuck in the ground out of the soil or pebble flooring. 

If you want to get closer and closer to your dream home, start off by having a soft high-quality wool rug. Then make sure your home looks strong from the outside by fixing the roof. Next you should make a pathway up to the house that’s lit up by LED lamps.


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