3 Unexpected Ways You Could Be Sitting on a Gold Mine

Are you sitting on a gold mine without realizing it? Of course, it’s unlikely that buried under your home right now, there is an actual decommissioned gold mine just waiting for you to accidentally break the right floorboard and see the shining glimmer below. However, many things have value that you may not have been thinking of lately, and sometimes, a little extra financial boost can come from these avenues.


Time is money and money is time, so let’s get right into the possibilities you might have for finding this. You never know, you might be vacationing on a foreign island by this weekend:


1. Home Value.


Many people neglect to view their property value. Upon searching this and understanding it, the need to sell might be all that fills your emotional capacity for some time to come. There are many things that can influence a potential great sale, but often investment in the area or house availability can influence them the most. It might be that selling as soon as you can could net you a very handsome profit, to be put towards the things you actually want to do.


You never know, you might be living in a house down the street with a few more rooms. You might be able to fund that project on the side. Selling your home at the right time could yield a wealth of possibilities, but only if you’re open to stay aware of the value and potential benefit you can glean from purposeful, well-timed property sales.


2. Collections.


It’s common for children to collect things. It’s common that these items are stored in your attic or basement somewhere. It’s also likely that you might be able to find value in these items. It could be a card collection, a stamp collection, or some other small niche that has completely skyrocketed in value. That’s not to say anything of comic books. If you have these editions laying around, it could be that buyers will be fighting over the potential to purchase it.


3. Antiques.


It can be very useful to have your furniture appraised. The purpose that this serves is two-fold. One, selling a high-value item might allow you to gain the profit we’re looking for. Two, you may be able to ascertain damage, authenticity, historical significance amongst many other things. While you might not find a buyer immediately, the use of contextualizing this item might mean that you sell it in the right place, such as to a museum or another collectors industry. For example, your iron equipment might not be of interest to antique buyers, but might hold deep historical significance for a company across the world. It’s important to find this out, and if you do it’s not unlikely to benefit from this. Online forums, special appraisers and reading up on your symbols and company names can act as your ally.


With all this in mind, you’re sure to find if you have value in your home or as your home.

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