3 Ways to Build Your Character

In a day and age where image is everything, I think it’s important that we challenge ourselves to dig a little deeper and work on our character..


Valuable topics such as integrity, learning to be a better person, forgiveness, and developing character are topics rarely discussed. On Twitter, for instance, it’s much easier for people to lambast one another with criticism than to open up and discuss what these vibrant topics may have to offer. It’s just the somewhat immediate and expressive side of human nature contributing to this state of affairs, for better or worse.


So let’s tackle those topics here. How can you develop your character, in a system, worthwhile manner? We’d like to consider the following advice to that end. Please, consider:


1. Make Friends With Challenge


Make friends with challenge, and you’ll slowly grow into a better person. While comfort is not a bad thing, it can sometimes cause us to lose our interest in getting better and becoming a more wholesome person. Challenge, on the flip side, is not necessarily bad. It’s good to feel out of your comfort zone, because it enables you to bring something back and grow from the experience. This is why ‘the heroes journey’ is such a popular storytelling stratagem because it cuts to the core of who we are.


2. Adhere To A Discipline


A discipline will help you slowly build talents, learn principles, and give you the constructive means to feel more confident in your skill. Martial arts is by far the best example of this, because it can help someone who feels vulnerable and overtly worried by conflict to someone who is calm, sensible, and able to make decisions. A discipline like this also bring you wisdom, such as how all worthwhile martial arts tutors will teach you to avoid a fight as one of the first principles they bestow, even while teaching you intensive self-defense methods. A discipline, especially for those that are young, can be one of the best things you ever take part in.


3. Practice Integrity


Practice integrity. For example, next time you give your word for something, underpromise and overdeliver. The next time you hear gossip, do your best not to spread it. If you find people in the office are making fun of someone outside on the street, try not to join in. Little efforts like this, provided they do not become draconian, can help you live in line with your morals, and that in itself breeds integrity.


Developing your character can be a hard ask. But with this advice, you’re sure to be following that in the right direction.


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