3 Ways to Connect With Nature on Your Next Travel Adventure

Are you fed up with the hustle and bustle of city life? If so, it sounds like it’s time for a vacation! If the daydreams of your next vacation feature more wildlife than nightlife, then an adventure surrounded by natural beauty is a great idea. Spending time outdoors is the ultimate antidote to the stressful modern world, and enables you to reconnect with nature and enjoy the benefits that it brings.


Heading into the great outdoors is believed to have many physical and psychological benefits, such as alleviating stress by reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. If beach vacations and city breaks are normally your thing, this slightly wilder holiday choice will provide a new experience and bring a real sense of adventure. 


Need some inspiration for planning your trip? Check out these ideas to help you get back to nature:


1. Go Camping


Camping is the ultimate way to experience nature up close and personal. Camping can provide a peaceful experience, allowing you plenty of time for thinking under the starry sky. 


If you are keen to get away from it all and get back to basics, camping is the perfect way to do it. Make sure you do some research in preparation. Without some careful planning, your trip could be memorable for the wrong reasons! Make sure that where you plan to camp is safe, and that no dangerous creatures are lurking. You should also do some research on what to bring camping so that you are equipped with everything you need for an enjoyable trip.


2. Take a Road Trip


A road trip is a great way to feel the freedom of the open road and go where the mood takes you. Part of the fun of a road trip is the time spent planning your route – there are just so many possibilities to choose from!


Your road trip will allow you to plan where you want to go and what you want to see. There are sure to be lots of unexpectedly beautiful places that you discover on your travels too. Whether you like the idea of enjoying the beauty of the coast or exploring a national park, a road trip will enable you to do it on your terms. If you have an RV, then you will be completely free to explore with no need to find any accommodation during your trip.


3. Take a Hike


Do you love to be active? If so, then why not combine your love of exercise with experiencing the beauty of nature? A hiking holiday is a perfect way to bring both these things together, and you will likely meet plenty of new friends along the way too. There are so many different hiking holidays to choose from right across the world, from the Inca Trail in Peru, through to the Great Ocean Walk in Australia.


There’s no doubt that getting out into nature can be a great way to spend your vacation; the hard bit is deciding where to go!


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