3 Ways To Define Your Style

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Defining your style can sometimes feel a little tough, because there are almost infinite options in terms of how you dress, how you present yourself, and how you’d like to approach or come across to people. Of course, what works best is doing what you find enjoyable, provided it doesn’t hurt anyone else.


However, style is often much more than just what we wear, or if we’re known for wearing nice watches. Style is also how you act, what decisions you make, and how you never allow yourself to be afraid of being who you are.


So, how can you better define your style in this way? After all, this seems like a conversation worth having. For some people, using bad credit financing to secure them the car they want is the way, for others, defining themselves by their profession is key. No matter where you source your style, some of the following advice can help you, and ultimately, let you stop thinking so deeply about it and instead start enjoying it.


Let’s get started with that in mind:


1. Who You Choose To Be Around


Remember that your style is also defined by who you are inspired by. Our social circle and the ‘scenes’ we are most in can help us define who we are, and so it’s worth focusing on what that means to you. There are many ways to define yourself, and of course, adults are more independent than teenagers in group circles, but how you socialize, what kind of daily activities you’re exposed to, and how informed or motivated you are all feeds back into your personal sense of style. For that reason, consider if your friends are adding to or subtracting from who you want to be, and think about making your decisions accordingly.


2. What You Reconsider To Be ‘Classy’


What you consider to be ‘classy’ may not be the same as what someone else considers put together and well thought out. For that reason, it’s important to consider your niche, and what’s truly interesting to you. Certain standards can exist separately. For you, perhaps a blue velvet suit works well when attending a formal event, for others, it might be that cultural garb is the most important. The reason to keep this in mind is that often, we can think there are exacting standards to style when there rarely is, so make sure to define that hierarchy for yourself if possible.


3. Never Fit The Mold


Don’t feel you have to fit the mold to be stylish. The most stylish people are almost always those who break the rules and set the trends, else no growth would happen, and everything remains static. Of course, there are some good principles to attend to (wear clothes that fit, stay hygienic, be confident in who you are), but outside of that, creativity is your freedom. You can still drive a great car even with bad credit financing, and you can still look sharp even if you don’t fit ‘the beauty standard’ for either gender. Keep that in mind, and from there, without realizing it, you have defined your style.


With this advice, we hope you can not only understand how to define your style, but enjoy the process and live it.

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