3 Ways to Find Your Purpose In Your Life

 “There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” 

– Nelson Mandela


Traditionally, young people are led through life on a path laid down by their parents and peers. We’re encouraged to think a certain way, graduate into particular professions, and do what we can to fit in. 


But this is not for everyone. As difficult as it can be to break the mould and find our own path, sometimes you have to do what it takes to work out your unique purpose. Or you may go through life feeling unhappy, stifled and unfulfilled.   


So if you’re ready to break away and test the waters, check out the list below for some alternative ways to find your true purpose in life. 



1. Work Out What Makes You Angry 


Anger is a powerful emotion. It indicates something that cuts right to our core, aggitates us, and makes us want to act. It helps us identify our principles, the hard-edge of what we will accept, and indicates the changes we want to see in the world.  


Greta Thurnberg became one of the most influential environmental activists of all time, at the age of fifteen, because she was so angry about the destruction of the planet. She followed her passion and started a global movement before she graduated highschool. 


So even though it sounds counter-productive, it can be incredibly useful to spend time thinking about what makes us angry. What injustices frustrate you? What issues or ideas do you think have been misunderstood? What in the world do you think most needs to change? Can you make that difference? Or will you stand back and do nothing?  


Anger is a passion, sitting along the same spectrum as love, fear, sadness, and joy. These passions can drive you to do great things. 


2. Get in Touch With Your Subconscious. 


Sometimes the answers to our problems sit inside ourselves, in our subconscious minds. Your subconscious is the submerged part of you where thoughts, feelings, ideas and memories are processed. It can be difficult to access this information even though it has a direct affect on our behaviour and the choices we make. 


But getting in touch with your subconscious can help you identify your heart’s desires, and give clues to what holds us back from attaining them. This is often a life-long practise, and can be aided by professional assistance. Get started with a free psychic reading and start to explore the secrets of your subconscious and what lies ahead. 


3. Travel the World. 

It’s all too easy to stay in the town where we grew up and surround ourselves with familiar people. But this way, your mind can stay closed off, you won’t meet anyone who truly challenges your worldview, you won’t see everything the world has to offer, and it’s unlikely you’ll find the unique path you need to find to be happy. 


So wherever possible, get out of your comfort zone, travel, and explore the world far and wide. Talk to people who challenge you, who you don’t agree with. Keep an open mind. Do things that scare you. Go to places that seem alien and learn everything you can about the history. 


You never know which experiences are going to be formative. You never know how one evening under an unfamiliar sky will inspire you to take a different road. You can’t anticipate how new people in your life will open unexpected doors. So go with the flow and engage fully in every moment! 


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