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3 Ways to Get Better Sleep At Night

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

If you want to live a healthier life, arguably the best place to begin is to fix your sleep. Great sleep is something that we’re all after from time to time but remains ever elusive. But of course, there are people who believe it’s a badge of honor to stay awake for longer. But the fact is that when we are looking to improve our health, a great night’s sleep is the shortcut. But while people think that they need to buy a new bed or a new device to fix their sleep, not everybody has the money to do these things. But are there ways for us to do it cheaply? Of course, there are!


1. Darken Your Room 

If you want to get a better night’s sleep, you’ve got to make sure there are no devices around, and also realize the importance of darkness on the quality of your sleep. You might think that you need some sort of light, but your room should be so dark, you can’t even see your hand in front of your eyes! While there are plenty of expensive blackout blinds out there, if you look at the made to measure zebra blinds price, there will be something within your budget. It’s a great investment over curtains, especially as blackout blinds also look great as well. If you are someone that, as soon as the sun comes up, immediately struggles to get back to sleep, darkening your room will be a game-changer!


2. Start a Bedtime Routine
You might be jealous of people who can go to sleep at the drop of a hat, but if you are someone that needs to wind down and take your time, a night-time routine is ideal. A bedtime routine is not just something for children, but if you were someone that had a bath and a book before you went to sleep as a baby, chances are you might benefit from this as a fully grown adult! A bedtime routine, even if it’s just a bit of quiet time to yourself, allows you the luxury of priming your brain for sleep. Think about the things that get you into the right frame of mind for sleep. Just turning off your phone and making a habit of doing the same thing every night becomes a little habit that you can crave. This could be meditating, or it could be about writing in a journal to get your thoughts out on paper. There is a great benefit to doing this because it stops your mind from constantly whizzing around. 


3. Start Your Day the Night Before 

If you are someone that can’t stop thinking, is this because you are meticulously planning what tomorrow brings? Take a leaf out of Barack Obama’s book and put your clothes out the night before, and do anything you can to reduce decision fatigue. You might think that getting a great night’s sleep is about investing in expensive things, but also, when we think back to hundreds of years ago, they didn’t have sleep apps, and they had to go with their gut. If you haven’t slept well, it’s very likely you need to start simplifying things!


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