3 Ways to Pump Up Your Workout

Workouts feeling a little flat? Or perhaps you’re losing the motivation that usually makes you get up and go to the gym? It can be hard to maintain your enthusiasm for exercise after a while, which can stop you giving your all, or even give up altogether.


What you need is to pump it up! Give your workouts a boost by switching things up. Find the fun in your workouts again with some of the following tips.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

1. Try something new

When your workout features the same thing over and over again, it can soon become stale and unchallenging. You can change your workout routine by trying some classes, or adding something new to your workout. If your current routine mainly consists of cardio, why not try adding some weights into the mix? Setting yourself some new challenges can help you push yourself further, bringing the thrill back into your workouts. 

2. Change up your playlist

Music can be powerful, especially when it forms a part of your workout. Having some new music to psych yourself up is a good way to add some energy to your workouts. Whether you love retro tracks or the latest beats, it’s important to choose music that really gets your heart rate going. Get some inspiration from the best workout tracks to help you get your groove back while you’re working out.

3. Get some new workout clothes

There’s something about new workout clothes that makes you want to exercise. And the right gym clothes will fit and flatter your figure, spurring you on to work harder. You can choose from a fantastic range of workout gear at Wear Glow that will renew your confidence when exercising. Showing off some new sportswear is the perfect excuse to get back in the gym and enjoy working out once more. 

Workout with a trainer

Working out with a personal trainer can be a fun way really push yourself and learn some new things in the gym. A trainer will be able to help you target your trouble spots, as well as make sure that you’re using the right form and technique. A trainer will push you hard, making you sweat and ache like never before, which can be a good way to make your workout time more productive.


Can’t workout with a trainer? Why not try working out with a friend instead? You could be each other’s personal trainers! Alternatively, sourcing online workouts from YouTube can help you benefit from the advice of a trainer, without the expense.


It’s easy to fall out of love with exercise, but as with anything tough – it’s important that you keep it up. Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and can help you look and feel great inside and out. Why not try new ways of rewarding yourself after a workout to help you keep your motivation going? 


A small boost now and then is all you need to keep your workouts going, so look for ways you can pump up your workout and keep your fitness routine alive.

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