3 Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

Generally speaking, there’s a lot of complexity in the world today, and that can often be a major source of stress for all sorts of different people and in all sorts of different situations.

Interestingly enough, research has found that when people try to focus on multiple different things at the same time, they become more stressed and anxious, and they become less adept at whatever it is they’re trying to do. In fact, it even seems to be the case that “multitasking” is actually bad for the brain.

Simplifying” your life doesn’t necessarily mean making things “easy,” but it does mean narrowing down the scope of what you choose to focus on at any given time.

Simplifying your life may be a good way of enhancing your sense of well-being, and achieving more with your time. So, here are a few tips for simplifying things in your life.



1. Consider doing things the low-tech way more often.





We live in the digital age, and a huge amount of our interactions with the world – including how we plan and organize our schedules – is increasingly mediated through high-tech channels.

For that matter, our entertainment options are frequently high-tech, as well.

While you certainly don’t have to give up the benefits of digital technology, doing things the low-tech way a bit more often can certainly help to simplify your life. For one thing, low-tech approaches – such as journalling in a paper notebook, as opposed to via a digital program – reduce distraction. No web browser hovering in the background.

Another thing, these low-tech ways of doing things often allow you to be more autonomous, and free you from having to track yet another subscription, or to keep navigating weekly rounds updates.



2. Let other people handle some of the details for you.




Whether you want to find answers to questions such as How is Cryptocurrency Taxed, or whether you want to run some fairly work-intensive feature of a personal business venture of yours, there are often serious benefits to just letting other people handle some of the details on your behalf.

These days, it’s easy to find companies that you can outsource various projects to, and you can often have pertinent questions answered by knowledgeable experts, in a hurry, as long as you know where to look.

By outsourcing some of these tasks, you certainly have less immediate complexity to deal with.



3. Be more selective about what you do in your free time.




Since your time is, of course, limited, it’s important to actually make the most of it – both for your own enjoyment, and also just in order to be more effective at the things you choose to do.

Among other things, this means that you should get comfortable with “saying no” more often, whether that means literally turning down requests or offers that don’t much appeal to you, or whether it means cutting out particular time-wasting features of your everyday life, so that you can focus more on the things that really matter.

The more you can cut out superfluous stuff in your life, the simpler your life will be, and the more enriching it will tend to be, too.

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